Avoid Study Fatigue When Preparing for the GRE

No matter what everyone thinks, study fatigue is real! And if not taken into consideration early, it can have detrimental effects on your overall performance in the examination and the final results. Preparing for GRE can be tiresome. The syllabus is vast, and you might have the feeling of being a failure in the end. No matter how much everyone else around you says that worrying about any exam is futile, the fact remains that as students, it’s tough to avoid those butterflies in the stomach. So, if you are finding out ways of keeping that monster study fatigue at bay while preparing for the test, here are a few tips that might help!

Be Organised

Staying organised will not only help you with your preparation for the GRE but will help you in general. The organisation is crucial in this case because study fatigue is quite prevalent. So, first and foremost, keep your study desk free from clutter. A messy desk will give you those exam jitters, and you really cannot help that feeling! Having a neat and clean study space is essential to ensure that you are on the right track. Also, make sure that you take notes while preparing for the exam. Whether you have a personal tutor, an online tutor, or you have been taking up GRE test practice on the internet, note-taking is genuinely essential and a valuable tool for your positive preparation. Last but not least, make a list of topics that you need to focus more. This will give you an idea about where exactly you lack as you progress.

Learn Effective Time Management

Time management is necessary as a student as well as in your personal life. You will see that when you can manage your time well, you will become all the more productive and focused on your goal. You should never try to cover all your GRE course in the first study session itself. Wait for a few more days to go through the topics. Give yourself time and do not ever rush! Make a proper time-table for your study sessions. Also, you can start with an exact time during the day or night to sit with your GRE books. Having a definite time in mind will give you that extra kick to prepare for the test. Also, take some time off from the study. It is equally important to give yourself a break and relax your mind you process what you have already read and learned.

Sleep Well at Night

Studying is tiresome, as stated above already, and if you do not give your mind and body proper rest, you will collapse. So, make it a point to sleep well at night. Read before you go to bed or listen to your favourite music. This will help you to fall asleep quickly. Do not keep awake till late in the night to prepare for your GRE test. Sleep is necessary to keep your mind refreshed, and this will further help you to process your exam modules better. Never let your brain get tired, and the only way you can treat it is by getting a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your mood as well, which can further diminish your motivation. So, sleep well, no matter what!

Avoid Last Minute Studies

If you think that studying the last minute for your GRE examination is enough to score well, then you are sadly mistaken. Studies have shown that cramming a few days before exams don’t work at all. You will, however, only be able to memorise the parts you have already gone through before. But it is impossible to learn a new thing in those last few days. Last-minute studies, hence, can fill you up with unnecessary stress and tension, which can ultimately increase study fatigue in you. This added anxiety will even cause you to forget other important aspects of the exam preparation like time management, organisation, etc.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Studying for the test might leave you feeling like you have no time for anything else in life. However, you must take care of yourself first to do well in the examination. So, it’s imperative to eat well, stay hydrated and maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. No matter how tempting a late-night movie or a box of pizza is, you need to understand that your goal is to score well in your test.

If you have already committed yourself to take the GRE 2019, you are all set and aware that you need to commit yourself to countless hours and days of study. Investing a good amount of time is crucial for your success. And for everything else regarding the test, Manya-The Princeton review is there to help you out. With our sought-after test preparation modules, we will ensure that your GRE score is the best.

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