Why Manya?

With Manya 2.0 version being pursued actively, you will be part of a journey where projects focusing on employees, customers, markets, processes, and technology take center stage. With expanding market opportunities, decentralization of the business, sharper focus on deliverables, integrated technology, and enhanced employee engagement, we are confident of successfully reaching the goals set by us.

At Manya, we aim at unleashing the potential of every individual by recognising the different skill-set, expertise, and experience they come with. We encourage a culture within the organisation wherein every employee feels a sense of ownership and feels passionate enough to push his or her own thresholds.

Joining Manya will open up a plethora of opportunities for you to grow. The work culture is dynamic and emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. We truly believe that the growth of an individual propels the organization and vice versa.

Innovation and Passion

We recognise and respect people with an entrepreneurial streak in them.  We are looking for people who dare to be differentiators and have it in them to be accelerators of the industry with the use of Integrated Technology.

Diversity and Collaboration

MEPL family consists of many diverse and talented teams that work and play together and succeed with their customers.

Our Admissions Counselling and Test Prep teams come from diverse backgrounds and possess diverse skill-sets. Some are hard-core sales professionals, some are high-flying software professionals, some are experienced college professors, some are from the armed forces, and some are smart whiz kids straight out of college. This intermingling of youth and experience – energy and discipline – makes the work place rich in terms of potential for personal growth and development.

Our silent warriors in the administration, operations, accounts, human resources, e-business, and IT divisions fuel our engines, and remove any snags in our work and processes. The marketing and sales teams transmit our conviction in our products and services, and our everyday excitement to our customers.

We come together with our unique talents and diverse viewpoints to arrive at solutions and best practices, and keep maturing and evolving as our Manya family grows.

Learning and Trainings

The Princeton Review trains and certifies our faculty on excellent content and platforms. You will receive formal training, to equip yourself with skills and tools to succeed, beginning with your first day here and continue to do so throughout your career here. Our counsellors and advisors benefit from a number of programs, seminars, and refresher courses.

With Manya- The Princeton Review, you will not only build on your specialized skills but also greatly broaden your career horizons. A young and dynamic company, growing at a phenomenal rate, Manya offers you the challenge to make a great impact. And you learn from your colleagues’ perspectives and knowledge. Learning, at Manya, never ends.






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