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Manya - The Princeton Review with its legacy of over 20 years of Study Abroad Expertise, Research Based University Admissions Counseling and The Princeton Review Advantage has successfully trained more than 3.5 lakhs students till now establishing itself as the leader in Study Abroad Domain.

The strong presence of our 45+ centers pan India, the expertise of our trainers & advisors, the robustness of our online delivery mechanism and depth of our product offerings is ensuring that we're all ready to assist every student in accomplishing his/her study abroad goal of getting into a top global university or college, because we all know that only "Aces Go Places".

What is a US Privilege Pass

The US Privilege Pass is a ticket for seamless landing of students in US universities by providing them all the necessary assistance in the admission process at a privilege price. The product is built with the intent to make US admissions accessible to those who plan to ethically sit for their GRE test.

The candidates will be able to choose any 8 universities from a large pool of top US universities and receive assistance across the entire admissions process to secure top admits for Spring 23 and Fall 23.

Privilege Pass Benefits

  • 8 Universities Shortlisting
  • Application Processing
  • Editing Support
  • Visa Guidance
  • Pre-departure Assistance & More...

The Privilege Pass will help you reach Universities like

The Value of GRE

The GRE General Test is a standardized test designed to measure overall academic readiness for graduate school. Some grad programs require that applicants take not only the general test, but also a GRE Subject Test that assesses technical knowledge related to a specific discipline like physics, psychology or mathematics. Many types of graduate programs allow applicants to submit GRE scores, including master's, Ph.D. and professional degree programs in an array of disciplines ranging from liberal arts subjects to technical fields. There is also a small but growing group of U.S. law schools that accept the GRE as an alternative to the LSAT, the typical law school entrance exam.

GRE scores are a key factor that grad school admissions officers consider but are not necessarily the deciding factor. GRE scores give admissions officers a metric that can be used to make apples-to-apples comparisons between students who would otherwise be difficult to judge fairly because they might have vastly different undergraduate backgrounds.

Students should set aside two to three months for intensive GRE study, or that they spread out their test prep over three to four months. The best course of action is to take a practice exam, and use that to decide how much preparation you need.

Why You Should Take the GRE Exam Ethically

If you are currently working on your Study abroad plans and intend to move into the US, then it would also mean that you would be taking up the GRE as well. To make things easier for students and keeping in mind the uncertainty around the Covid situation, ETS introduced the option of Home testing which helped students to take up the test at the convenience of their home.

With that said, has this proved to be a boon or a bane? Let's understand or be aware of the latest challenges or hurdles that students who have taken the GRE home testing have had to face and work on a plan to ensure that your dreams to study abroad are not short lived by lack of awareness. The GRE home testing was the most convenient option made available by ETS for study abroad aspirants but not all who appeared for the GRE home testing decided to do things the right way. There began rampant cheating on the home test and coaches and trainers were offered a huge sum to take the test for students.

Cancellation of GRE Home testing scores - ETS had begun its investigation of the home testing scam and this led to many students' scores being cancelled as the score obtained did not seem to be genuine. The biggest challenge was that students got to know the scores were cancelled only after applying to universities and hence did not have time to write the GRE again and send in their applications on time.

Visa Rejection - The second obstacle that came the student's way was at the time of applying for the US Visa. Some students did get admission to the university applied to but when they went in for their Visa, the Visa officer rejected the entry of the student into the US if they found the credibility of the GRE home testing score questionable. A great GRE score with not so great academic performance or bad AWA score raised questions on the GRE score obtained by the student.

Sent back from the US - Adding to the challenges was the third concern that cropped up, students who reached the US were not permitted to enter US if the GRE score obtained by them seemed not genuine. They had to return back to their homeland. This not only caused a lot of mental agony but the financial impact also put a lot of students and parents into tremendous stress and trauma. There have also been instances where the admission of students who have completed a few months of study in a University in the US have been terminated.

As the going gets tough, what is it that students need to be aware of. Is this the end of your study abroad dreams, No!!!

As things began getting normal and countries opened up from the lock down and students also gearing up to get to the country of their dreams, GRE home test scores cancellation came as a surprise and blow to many. What exactly were the challenges that came up?

There are definitely ways to overcome these challenges and move on to achieve your dream careers. Do you have two thoughts about taking up the GRE now? If yes, then you can choose to apply to universities that do not want a GRE score. A word of caution, post covid, a good number of universities have begun reinstating the GRE score as a part of their admission process. Has your GRE home testing score been cancelled? No worries!!! Retake the GRE. Your cancelled score will not be shared or available for any university to check upon. Lastly, remember to prepare with the right test and solution provider and do not get carried away by unauthorised players who provide shortcuts to reach your dream destination.


Manya - The Princeton Review
  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • End-to-end services portfolio includes career counselling, profiling, short-listing of colleges & universities, standardised test preparation, development of competitive applications, financial & scholarship counselling, interview preparation, visa counselling, and pre-departure orientation
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.
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Top GRE Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

Chirag Chandan Mishra
GRE Score 330

"The material provided by Manya Education was really helpful, compounded with the superb faculty who guided and supported me even after the completion of the classes. The student portal was especially beneficial for revising problems and course lectures, and the mock tests were as close to the actual test as they could be. A really great coaching center."

Sanpreet Singh
GRE Score 330

I was the student for the GMAT classes in 2017. I am writing this message to thank Manya trainer, who taught me quant. The trainer had helped me out in pulling up my score, by constantly giving me challenging questions, helping in clearing my doubt and sharing a new approach to save time in tricky questions. I gave GMAT in 2017, but scored 49/51 in quant, I got busy with my professional life and gave a GRE after a long gap in May 2020 and I scored 330(Q170, V160).

Varun S
GRE Score 327

Manya's diligent and erudite faculty is the key to cracking the GRE. The exam is all about time management and strategy employment which Manya trains you well at. Classes are really useful, especially for Verbal.

Sanjana Hemraju
GRE Score 327

I'm happy with Manya Princeton Review's training because it helped me keep focused in between college's hectic schedule. The course is designed well and covers nearly all kinds of questions so nothing is really a surprise in the actual test. Membean and the practice tests were of great help. The trainers were extremely helpful and patient with my doubts and I'd like to thank them for their co-operation. Thank you!

Prashanth Sateesh
GRE Score 325

"I took the one-month crash course and scored 325 in GRE. The portal provided by Princeton Review was extremely helpful especially for the math part and for verbal, their teaching approach was quite helpful to handle the problems and in completing the test within the time limit."

Dharani Prasad
GRE Score 323

I am happy to say that I have got admits from UCLA and Cornell University for M.S in chemical engineering. I have joined Manya Education which contributed to my success. I have done my GRE coaching in the Manya-Vijayawada branch and scored 323. Whereas I enrolled in IELTS coaching in the Visakhapatnam branch and scored a band of 7.5. After attaining the test scores & enrolling in the counselling services, I was able to complete my applications and send them. I am thankful to the Manya Education for my success in getting admission to top universities.

GRE Score 323

Due to the efforts made by the faculty I was able to score well in GRE. They always provided me with the assistance whenever it was needed. The online portal was really helpful during preparation. Thank you Manya- The Princeton Review,Trichy"

Mohit Kumar
GRE Score 323

Every student needs a teacher who can guide him in achieving his goal. My goal was to achieve a score of 320+ in GRE. I achieved my target with the help of the faculty at Manya. The study material provided by Manya is top-notch and the online student portal is user-friendly and helps to get familiar with the pattern of the real GRE test. I would like to again thank my teachers for their invaluable guidance and support. Without them, it would've been impossible for me to achieve 323 in GRE.

Devroop Kar
GRE Score 322

Manya-The Princeton Review is an excellent institution for GRE in terms of imparting knowledge and building confidence among the students. Through its renowned faculties and state of the art center, it delivers excellent results in exams like GRE and TOEFL. I took the classroom program for GRE and TOEFL and it really helped me in securing competitive marks in all the categories.

Ananya Agarwal
GRE Score 321

I enrolled for GRE classes at Manya - The Princeton review last year. I had a lot of questions in my mind in the beginning because I come from a different city and I am a working professional. To my delight, they were answered patiently and professionally which gave me a sense of confidence. The faculty at Manya is really supportive and communicative. Everything you need for GRE is broken down really well along with a student portal and comprehensive study material that you can practice from. That's pretty much what I followed and scored 321 on the test.

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