University Selection

Don't have time to spend hours and hours researching schools and applying to them? Let us do the work for you. Our admissions experts help you apply to the right schools the right way.

Our expert Admissions Counselors work with you to maximize your chances of receiving admissions offers by making sure that you apply to the right kind of Universities that match your profile, and your ambition. If a student doesn't adopt a scientific approach to choosing Universities, he/she may end up applying to the wrong Universities.

Our trained and experienced admissions counselors will help you finalize your dream University plan with a realistic road map. We run a reality check – a check of your scores, credentials, work experiences, your stature as compared to other applicants, etc, and classify your schools into:

  • Dream Schools – where you stand less than or up to 50 % chances of obtaining admission,
  • Reach Schools – where you have fairly good chances i.e. 50-80 % chances, and
  • Safe Schools – where you have 80 % or more chances of getting in.

Our counselors help you in the decision making, by doing the much tedious research for you. We weigh the pros and cons of applying to a particular school and answer your queries on all issues and at all times. The final discretion is yours.

Increasing number of US Universities are accepting 15 years of education. Manya-Princeton Review can help you find these Universities and apply there.

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