Pathway Programs (Undergraduate)

Pathway programs extend a path to an undergraduate degree. The programs are designed as a combination of intensive English and academic curriculum. These programs are great a opportunity for students who are not meeting certain eligibility criteria at the time of admissions.

Pathway Advantage:

  • It provides a great opportunity to get Masters degree by bridging academic gaps .
  • Prepares students for life at University.
  • The Pre masters help to close the gap in the student's English language proficiency, communication skills, and generic research skills while simultaneously earning credits towards their MBA and Master of Science degree.
  • The students get to enjoy the facilities at the University Campus.
  • The Students make the most of their time by direct entry into the second year.

Programs Offered:

  • Undergraduate Pathway Program Business
  • Undergraduate Pathway Program Engineering
  • Undergraduate Pathway Program Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science
  • Undergraduate Pathway Program Science
  • Pre Masters Program Business
  • Pre Masters Program Engineering
  • Pre Masters Program Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Pre Masters Program Health Sciences

Major Pathway providers:

Shorelight Education(USA)


Into (USA)

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