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Undergraduate in USA

Education in the US

The first level of higher education in USA is referred to as the ‘undergraduate’ level; it is called Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

Most USA study programs for undergraduates require four years of study, and a completed secondary school education is sufficient to enroll as an undergraduate student. First-, second- and third-year college students can transfer into U.S. undergraduate degree programs and finish the remainder of their program over there.

Graduate education in the USA refers to Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), or Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Students who have completed their undergraduate education are eligible to apply to graduate programs. Master’s degrees in the USA are usually awarded after two years of study. The Ph.D. is the highest academic degree amongst American study programs. This degree follows a Master’s (or Graduate) degree, and typically requires at anywhere between three to six years.

US Common App

Common app is the US application service for students applying for undergrad to university and colleges in USA. Nearly all American higher education institutions are members of the Common Application system. There is a Common Application for first-year admission and a Common Application for transfer admissions from other universities around the globe. Around 517 colleges and universities are a part of this online application system.

Applicants submit one single application via Common App with a list of up to 20 universities, although universities might require an additional supplement along with the CommonApp. The CommonApp deadline falls needs to be adhered to depending on the Early Action and Early Decision deadlines of the schools the candidate is interested in.

Supporting Documents

School Reports: Final Mark sheets of Stds. IX, X and XI and Mid – Year Report of Std. XII if the applicant is currently in XII Std along with Passing Certificate.

Two Teacher’s Evaluations (Letters of Recommendation)

One School Counselor Form, which can be submitted by School Principal in the absence of Counselor.


  • Mandatory Common Application Essay (1): The essay demonstrates your ability to write clearly and concisely on a selected topic and helps you distinguish yourself in your own voice.
  • Supplement Essay: Most of the universities have their supplement essays and in some it is not required.

All the above mentioned documents except Essays, can be submitted either online or offline depending on the Applicant’s choice.

Points to remember

SAT scores to be forwarded online through College Board and TOEFL through ETS.

Application fees varies from university to university.

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