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In the face of a shifting work environment, the ever increasing cost of higher education, and the rise of massive virtual open online opportunities reducing the cost of professional development, there is an urgent need for an inclusive guidance from the experts to provide an informed view to the students aspiring to study abroad take a right decision about their academic and career goals.

Manya - The Princeton Review with its legacy of over 20 years of Study Abroad Expertise, Research Based University Admissions Counseling and The Princeton Review Advantage has successfully trained more than 4 lakhs students till now establishing itself as the leader in Study Abroad Domain. The strong presence of our 45+ centers pan India, the expertise of our trainers & advisors, the robustness of our online delivery mechanism and depth of our product offerings is ensuring that we're all ready to assist every student in accomplishing his/her study abroad goal of getting into a top global university or college, because we all know that only "Aces Go Places".

Study Abroad Preparation

If you are planning to study abroad at the undergraduate/graduate/doctorate level to rev up your career prospects, you would need a brilliant academic record, outstanding test prep scores in addition to a unique profile, a good Resume, LORs and Personal Statements/Statements of Purpose/Essays. This can help you differentiate and stand above thousands of applicants and increase your chances of admission.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be coached by our expert instructors & advisors who will help you stand out among thousands of applicants and increase your chances of admission.

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20+ Years of Study Abroad Expertise

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Adaptive Recommendation Engine that personalizes learning based on starting score, goals, and prep time.

Certified Trainers & Advisors

Industry benchmarked certification leading to a high test prep percentile and a top university admit

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Highly structured curriculum covering every topic guaranteeing above 90th percentile.

Employability & Career Driven Approach

Our advisors regularly decode admissions requirements of top university & schools.

Manya - The Princeton Review
  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • End-to-end services portfolio includes career counselling, profiling, short-listing of colleges & universities, standardised test preparation, development of competitive applications, financial & scholarship counselling, interview preparation, visa counselling, and pre-departure orientation
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.
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Top MBA Admits from Manya - The Princeton Review

University of California Los Angeles

I have been accepted into UCLA, NYU, ISB and UBC for an MBA program. I would like to thank the Manya team for their end-to-end help for GMAT preparation, essay feedback processing and visa counseling. The GMAT course was very well-structured and taught neat tricks and tips to ace the exam. The teachers were also very good and provided personalized feedback to improve my mock scores, especially in the booster sessions. The brainstorming sessions with the team were extremely helpful to bring out my best profile for the applications. The counselors were very patient and provided me with the proper guidance for the visa application process as well.

Babson College

I had the opportunity to work with Divyani Thakur during my MBA application process. As this was my first time applying internationally, I was looking for guidance on both how to select the right college for me as well as the entire application process. Divyani was helpful from the start, taking the time to first get to know me and then sharing her suggestions and ideas. We had multiple brainstorming sessions and she guided me through the editing and final uploading process as well. Eventually, I was able to get into a great college in Boston, Babson, as well as received a 50,000 USD scholarship for Social Innovation. I thank her for her help throughout this long and sometimes stressful journey. Would definitely work with her again. Thanks, Illena.

University of Texas, Dallas

The Verbal and Quant faculty here was very good and extremely helpful. They were always ready to clear all the doubts the students had. Individual attention was given to each and every student. The counselor Ms. Mohita Negi was very supportive and helped me a lot during the whole admission process. Due to everyone’s support and guidance I got selected in University of Texas Dallas for MBA.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

I would like to thank Ms. Divyani and Ms. Anju for their constant support and their infallible suggestions for choosing the colleges as well as for editing all the documentation. They helped me with all the colleges that I had filled and had done a great job due to which I have landed an admission from UNC Kenan Flagler University with an almost 80% scholarship. Ms. Anju edited my application essays with countless versions. She is excellent at communicating what a student should and should not write. She always goes above and beyond to assist with various aspects of your documentation.

College of William & Mary

I got to know about Manya’s services through simple Google research and I reached out to them. I was put in contact with Priti who is an admission’s counselor working with Manya and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She has guided me throughout the process, often going out to her defined responsibilities to help me out – be it with shortlisting of universities based on my profile or prepping me for my college interviews. I was also put in touch with an editor who helped me out with my application essays and she ensured that the essays stayed original and they were refined to stand out of the crowd. All in all it has been a great and wholesome experience.

Top GMAT Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

GMAT Score 770

The trainers at Manya are experienced, helpful & well versed in the basics & techniques required for a good GMAT score. There are 10 practice tests available to the students and a variety of customisable drills for practicing. The practice tests have the same layout as the actual GMAT exam & are almost similar in difficulty level as well. There are booster classes at the end of the course which are provided to students clearing a certain eligibility criterion. I got 770 in my first attempt because of the unerring support. I will happily recommend Manya to anyone looking to prepare for the GMAT.

GMAT Score 770

The course at Manya has a lot of practical content and productive weekly interactive classes, & the tutors are very supportive.. They were extremely helpful in assisting me in developing strategies & I saw a significant increase in my score as a result. The student portal includes 10 full-length practice tests as well as carefully curated materials. This aided me in achieving my highest GMAT score.

GMAT Score 770

After dropping IIM with an ambition to join a greater B-school would never have been fulfilled without a great GMAT score of 760. Choosing Manya - Princeton review is one of the right decisions I’ve made on this journey. Improving by close to 100 points, I’ll always be grateful to the teachers. Tons of suggestions, & mock tests with detailed analysis. All these efforts paid off when I got admit from ISB and DUKE. Thank you teachers & Manya - Princeton Review.

GMAT Score 760

I was very apprehensive about attempting the GMAT. The exam pattern was also something I was not used to. However, after attending classes from Manya – The Princeton Review, Anna Nagar branch, I gradually gained confidence. The trainers helped me understand the basic concepts. I am very much grateful to my booster session trainers who gave me individual reviews of each practice test I took. The online portal has a large number of questions that resemble the original GMAT pattern & provide good practice. It is definitely because of the experienced trainers that helped me to achieve such a high score of 760. I would definitely recommend Manya – The Princeton Review for those preparing to attempt GMAT.

GMAT Score 760

My journey started with knowing little to nothing about the GMAT but ended with me scoring a 760 in the first attempt. During this time, the staff at Manya – The Princeton Review helped me understand what the GMAT actually was, how it was different from other standardized tests & the approach one needed to take to score well. Like everyone, I too wanted to have an idea of where I stood before I gave the actual test. I used the practice tests from the GMAT website as well as those offered by Manya to get that idea. The study resources, performance analysis and timely motivation and advice provided by Manya – The Princeton Review helped me achieve a good score.

Top MS Admits at Manya - The Princeton Review

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The faculty and my admissions advisor at Manya - The Princeton Review have provided me with the much required guidance and the correct profile based support for securing a successful admit. Right from my GRE & IELTS preparation to the various stages of the University Admissions process, it has been a great journey where I was being supported at each and every stage which enabled me to perform all the required procedures at the right time. All my queries, be it the small ones or the really important questions, were answered promptly and enabled me to have a clear & transparent admission process. A big thank you for all the support !!!

King's College London

Heartfelt thanks to the team of Manya - The Princeton Review who aided and guided me through with counseling and helping me choose the right path to my career. The assistance by the team is hands on, efficient and absolutely commendable. I would love to recommend anyone who wishes to study abroad to go through Manya.

University of California, Berkeley

It's been approximate 4 years, since I am associated with Manya - The Princeton Review. The best part was that even though the I have been associated for 4 years, the continued process of hand holding towards the goals was as just diligent as it was on day one. My counsellor, Ms. Priti Patel has been one of the most fundamental pieces to this puzzle called 'achieving your dream school'. My editor for all my application related documents - Ms. Priya Saini was more than just an academic figure, guiding me to visualise and pen down my dreams the best way possible. I wished to start my career from California in general and UC Berkeley in particular and all the people who contributed to this process were in sync with this dream.

University of Pennsylvania

I am extremely delighted to have taken GRE coaching at Manya - The Princeton Review. They helped me to achieve a score of 324 in a very less time. I also took Admission Consulting Services and with their help I could get admits into Upenn, CMU, and for that I am very thankful to them. I will highly recommended everyone to avail their services.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

I joined Manya - The Princeton Review in August and from then till now, the application process has been seamless. My advisor Viji Sanjay was very friendly and helped me in shortlisting the best of Universities. She was very responsive and cleared all my queries immediately. SOP and LOR editing was really commendable and I received them on time . They also gave us timely updates regarding the VISA appointments. Overall it was a great decision to choose MANYA. Thank you again for your guiding and assisting me in the entire process.

Top GRE Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

GRE Score 330

I was the student for the GMAT classes in 2017. I am writing this message to thank Manya trainer, who taught me quant. The trainer had helped me out in pulling up my score, by constantly giving me challenging questions, helping in clearing my doubt and sharing a new approach to save time in tricky questions. I gave GMAT in 2017, but scored 49/51 in quant, I got busy with my professional life and gave a GRE after a long gap in May 2020 and I scored 330(Q170, V160).

GRE Score 327

Manya's diligent and erudite faculty is the key to cracking the GRE. The exam is all about time management and strategy employment which Manya trains you well at. Classes are really useful, especially for Verbal.

GRE Score 327

I'm happy with Manya Princeton Review's training because it helped me keep focused in between college's hectic schedule. The course is designed well and covers nearly all kinds of questions so nothing is really a surprise in the actual test. Membean and the practice tests were of great help. The trainers were extremely helpful and patient with my doubts and I'd like to thank them for their co-operation. Thank you!

GRE Score 326

I would like to sincerely thank my teachers at Princeton Review: for working with me consistently and helping me strengthen my test taking skills. The pedagogy and the class setting helped me immensely to understand the kind of mistakes that I was making, and focus particularly on the areas that I needed to strengthen.The quant trainer’s experience and attitude towards the recursive training in Math, with the help of portal drills, helped me master the Quantitative Reasoning subject and the verbal trainer’s tips and tricks gave me the skill to tackle most reading comprehension passages with ease. By setting up the right kind of challenges for me and pushing me, Princeton Review and my teachers have earned my gratitude.

GRE Score 326

I have come to understand that the easiest way to score 320+ on GRE is to blindly follow the instructions and short cuts taught a Manya. From helping me to avoid traps set by ETS in quant to giving an idea on how to improve vocabulary using root words, Manya has been an indispensable asset. The online portal has umpteen mock tests which helped boost my Confidence. Faculties are extremely supportive and approachable long after the classroom sessions are over. Thank you Manya!

Top UG Admits at Manya - The Princeton Review

University of California, San Diego

My counseling experience with Manya has been exceptional. My counselor, Seema Ma’am, was there for me at each and every step of the application process, making the process a breeze. Her invaluable guidance, backed by years of experience, helped me secure a place in my dream university. My editor, Priya Singh Ma’am, greatly helped me in refining and uplifting my profile, making it fit for one of the best universities in the world. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Manya Group and would recommend their services to anyone looking to apply to universities abroad.

Purdue University

I signed up with Manya for a package that covers assisting in my college application process, from end to end. I was assigned Divyani Thakur as my advisor. She was well organized in her approach, and ensured I had a college shortlist ready. After researching the specific requirements of each college — additional essays, SAT scores, TOEFL scores — she sent me supporting documentation that assisted in developing the same. We worked in conjunction with an editor, Gunjan Lal. From creating a resume, to proofreading my essays, it all fell on her as an editor, and she did a wonderful job. Communication was good between the two, and both knew what the situation was at all times. The fact that I met all my deadlines is testimonial to this act. I was accepted into seven of the fourteen I applied for, with most of them being high reach.

University of California, Berkeley

I have applied for top five Russell universities in the UK – UCL, King’s College London, Warwick, University of Leeds and University of Leicester and I have received all my offers. The faculties provided here are the best and my journey with my advisor, Ms. Seema Upadhyay was really productive. She helped me choose my universities, giving me the best guidance and thereby I highly recommend you to choose Manya as your abroad consultant.

University of British Columbia

Manya's team made the whole application process a lot easier for me. I would particularly like to thank Vikram sir for personally tracking my progress and providing guidance. My advisor, Nilanjan sir, constantly helped me throughout the taxing application process. Lastly, Urmimala ma'am proofread and edited my essays even on short notices and helped me in bagging admits and scholarships in top universities!

UBC Sauder

Today, I am an incoming freshman to the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia – the top business school in Canada – admitted with a massive total scholarship of $180,000 cad. Ms Divyani Thakur was allotted to me as an admissions advisor and if words were to describe, I was treading on the road not taken in Robert Frost’s legendary poem and Ms Thakur’s guidance made all the difference.

Top SAT Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

SAT Score 1540

My journey at Manya started when I took the diagnostic test and got a score of 1260. A score improvement of at-least a 100 points was promised and I ended up bettering my score by a massive 280 points! This is due to the wonderful training given by Manya. Teachers who are always ready to help, staff who are always ready to make you feel comfortable, facilities that make you want to be there all the time - Manya has everything needed to make the SAT journey an incredible one for every student. I thank my trainers, Harini ma'am(math) and Raji ma'am(verbal), for their support and fantastic teaching. I have never enjoyed math or english more. And it was these small things that ultimately made me get a 1500+ score.

SAT Score 1540

Enrolling in Princeton review set the right preparation path for me.. From the very beginning, Hemanathan sir and Usha mam knew exactly what my weak points were and helped me improve them. They taught me all the content needed to take the SAT, as well as tips, tricks, and shortcuts to use on exam day. The supplementary Princeton review text books were extremely useful as well, as they helped me master concepts using drills and exercises. The Princeton review website itself had 30 practice tests (or something close to that number), so I had ample practice before the actual test day. It was my teachers help, strategies, and constant feedback that helped me reach my target score on my first try.

SAT Score 1520

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for all the support you've provided me with, Thank you so much to Raji Ma'am, Priya Ma'am, and Siddarth Sir, for all their help with verbal. A huge thank you for all the support they have given me to improve my verbal score. I found the online portal to be extremely useful and the feedback provided after each test (of which there was plenty!) invaluable. The constant testing helped me strengthen my weak areas, and the feedback sessions, especially those for math, were very helpful. I would also like to thank the faculty and management at Manya for providing such a wonderful environment for learning. Every day I would come home with a new concept in my head and a smile on my face. Thank you so very much !

SAT Score 1520

Thank you Princeton Review. The coaches were extremely helpful, and their guidance made it possible for me to achieve such a good score. I am immensely grateful for their endless support and dedication. The classes were extremely helpful. I received a lot of meaningful suggestions and advice from the coaches. The material provided was also very useful in preparing for the test.

SAT Score 1460

It will be an understatement if I said that Princeton Review is just an institute where I took SAT classes. Really I had never explored the possibility of studying abroad and considered it merely as a dream. However at Princeton Review I saw the possibility of that dream becoming a reality. My teachers not only gave me the very vital tips and tricks that helped me through my SAT, but also motivated me throughout my time there. Not being an exceptional student yet getting offered scholarship from ten universities from USA including Stony Brook, Florida tech and Washington University are all courtesy my teachers at Princeton Review. Finally I would once again like to thank the trainers for their consistent help even outside class. None of this would have been possible without them.

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