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Ria Gupta


It gives me a pleasure to share my experience of application abroad with you. Manya's efforts right from the beginning, to every detail in the process helped me get my student visa successfully for admission in Canada. The team at Manya not only minutely checked all my documents, applications and forms but also motivated me every day to apply on time. Their best wishes and support through calls, mails and personal messages made this happen. I am very grateful to the mentors at Manya-The Princeton Review.

Himanshu Mittal

of Toronto

My experience with Manya-The Princeton Review was truly amazing. They provided me with all the necessary guidance ranging from admissions application procedure to visa application. My counsellor guided me through the whole process of applying for Canada visa including preparing financial and academic documents in a very easy to follow manner. My editor did a really good work in editing my essays and SOPs. He showcased my ideas in an impressive manner and guided me throughout my journey. I am very grateful to the entire team at Manya-The Princeton Review for making my study abroad dreams come true.

Daksh Jhalani

of Toronto

Service rendered was excellent, the team has for always ready to extend her guidance and advice to student. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Manya & the co-coordinator for all their immediate action whenever it was sought. I have admit in most of applied universities which York, University of Toronto, Western Ontario for Bachelor studies. I sincerely recommend Manya team in helping me niche my dream studying in Canada.


Usually IELTS is mandatory and GRE/GMAT scored are required during the time of application. Very few universities give you an option of submitting the scores later. Hence, its strongly recommended to apply once you have GRE/GMAT score ready. IELTS is mandatory for Visa especially for PG majorly for 6.5(No band less than 6.0) and Undergraduate courses 6.0(No band less than 6.0). These may vary for Top rank universities and courses which require public communication

In order to get admitted in a Canadian tertiary education institution there are requirements students will have to meet, whether it I an undergraduate or a postgraduate program. Depending on the field of studies, programs and other relevant factors competition can vary. The two essential criteria are however, high school grades/performance as well as language skills be it English (in most of the provinces) or French.

Tuition fees vary based on institution. Usually the cos of colleges varies between 15000-18000CAD $ & If you are planning for universities the cost varies between 14000-30000CAD$ Per Annum.

An international student may be eligible to work while studying in Canada. A student must have a valid study permit and be enrolled full-time at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Study permit holders may be allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full time during scheduled breaks.

Canadian universities are stringent regarding their requirement for a 4 yrs Bachelor's degree. Few universities do accept 15 years of forma education which may ask a student to get a WES Evaluation before application. To apply for a Canadian MBA students need to complete a Master's degree as well. For example students who have completed a B.Com will be eligible after completing the M.Com as well. In addition to the above B.Com + CA is also acceptable.

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