• GMAT: 2 cash awards of Rs. 25, 000/- each to students
    who take a full GMAT test preparation package with MEPL and score above 750.

  • GRE: 2 cash awards of Rs. 25,000/- each to students who take a GRE test preparation program with us and score over 1530 (equated to the New GRE scale).

  • SAT: 1 cash award of Rs. 25,000/- to the top scorer of the year 2012-13 (May 2012- Jan 2013).


  • GMAT/ACS: 1 cash award of Rs. 50,000/- to a student
    who has taken a GMAT test preparation and has availed the Premium ACS package and has scored above 750 and obtained an admit into at least 1 of the shortlisted schools.

  • GRE/ACS: 1 cash award of Rs. 50,000/- to a student who has taken a GRE test preparation and has availed the Premium ACS package and scored above 1530 (equated to new GRE scale) and obtained admit into at least 1 of the shortlisted schools.

  • SAT/ACS: 1 cash award of Rs. 50,000/- to a student who has taken a SAT test preparation (Full classroom coaching or 20 hour of tutoring) and has availed the Premium ACS package and scored above 2300 and obtained an admit into at least 1 of the shortlisted schools.

Meeting each of the above criteria does not automatically qualify the candidate for the award.

For awards in categories I and II, MEPL’s senior Management’s decision will be binding. In case of more than 2 eligibilities in each category, the awards will be declared by a draw of lots.

The final recipients for awards in category III will be decided jointly by the ISB Admissions Office in conjunction with the MEPL senior management team. In the case of a tie between two (or more) equally qualified applicants, the award may be shared between them


The Indian School of Business Hyderabad (ISB) one year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Management (www.isb.edu/pgp) has emerged as an inspirational choice for MBA aspirants in our country. It has gained eminence worldwide & is ranked # 15 by the Financial Times 2009 (moving up 5 places from last year’s ranking).

ISB follows a very stringent admissions procedure. It demands a
high GMAT score & quality application. Applicants have to demonstrate why they may be a good choice for ISB to recruit. Several ISB aspirants choose The Princeton Review’s class leading GMAT test preparation & admissions counselling services to
leverage their chances of gaining admission.

MEPL, for the second consecutive year, is launching scholarship awards for its test preparation & admissions counselling students
who are successful in receiving admission into ISB in order to
support their academic pursuits. Those privileged enough to study
at ISB have distinguished themselves as corporate leaders in India. MEPL wishes to support the academic endeavours of such high potential individuals who have subscribed to its services in order to realise their dream.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to receive these awards, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:
  • 1. Be a GMAT/GRE/SAT test preparation student (of a full classroom coaching program or at least 20 hours tutoring program) at a TPR centre operated by MEPL in Chandigarh, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai or Bangalore or MEPL partner centers (required for Awards in categories I, II and II).
  • 2. Be a Premium Admissions Counselling Service/ ISB admissions counselling student (required for Awards in categories II & III (1)).
  • 3. Produce in original the receipt for purchase of TPR GMAT test prep/admissions counselling service.
  • 4. Produce in original an ISB admission letter for its one year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Management. (For awards in category III)
  • 5. Provide a written testimonial with passport sized photograph describing in detail how they benefitted from the GMAT test preparation &/or admissions counselling service (as applicable).
  • 6.Provide a written declaration that the above photograph & testimonial may be used by MEPL for marketing purposes for an indefinitely long time.

The award winners will be announced by 15th May 2015.

University/UG/External Scholarships

Manya Scholarship winners


Enrolling in Princeton Review classes was probably one of the best decisions in my life. I started out with the general diagnostic test something to help identify weaknesses before we started attending classes. I got something around 1850.
I felt I could do better.

With all the help, and my teachers willing to answer any questions, I could see my progress vividly in the following three diagnostic tests I wrote. My score jumped up to around 2150. It was a few days before the exam that I put aside the
Princeton tests (which are of far higher quality, I assure you), and got around to trying a couple of tests in the College
Board book. I scored 2360 and 2370. This gave me the final bit of confidence I needed and I was able to pull of 2350 in the actual test.
Their diagnostic tests kept me updated and improving. My teachers helped put in any way they could. I've recommended Princeton
Review to everyone I know. Studying here changed my life forever!

Baireddy Sriram SAT: 2350


When I started preparing for GRE, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to balance preparing for the exam with the pressures of a demanding JOB. Thanks to The Princeton Review, I was able to navigate through the endless resources available and prepare in a structured manner. After attending the classes, I understood all question types and had a clear strategy, Special thanks to my instructors, Kunj and Tanuja, who motivated me to push my scores up. I wouldn't have been able to reach such a high score without their help.

Pulkit Gupta GRE: 338


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology and currently started my own business in Pharmaceuticals.

It was wonderful and surprising to get a call telling me that I've won a scholarship. It is great to be recognized and I
appreciate the thought of the people at Manya who goes out of its way to be in touch with their alumni.

Jai Gandhi


I would Thanks Princeton and attribute Princeton's Regular Classroom Teaching and ACS Services for my successful entrance into ISB. The Princeton's Faculties and Counsellors have always extended their full support in my preparation and helped me throughout. Discipline, Hard work and on Time Completion of Course Material and within specified Time limits helped me score good on GMAT. The faculties at Princeton Review were very effective at teaching the Basic and Advanced concepts for the various types of Problems that appear in GMAT and the study material including the online Study Portal which consists of exhaustive Drills and Full Length Tests was very much comprehensive to prepare effectively for the Test. Preparation for any Top B School requires a dedicated and focused preparation and High Quality Guidance from the Mentors. My Focus and Dedication Blended with a Top Class guidance from Princeton pave my Way to ISB and I hope Princeton would keep on Contributing in shaping numerous careers in the Time to come as it has done for me. Once again Heartiest Thanks to the Princeton Family.

Sahil Singla GMAT: 740

Admission: ISB


As I was in the midst of my B-school application process, I recieved a phone call from Manya Education informing me
about the scholarship awarded to me on account of having topped the list of GMAT students. I was pleasantly surprised.
It felt great to be recognized and rewarded for my efforts.

The structured curriculum and classroom instruction at Manya Education has opened new avenues as I plan the net step towards my academic and professional pursuits. I continue
to be in touch with my faculty who have constantly inspired me to seek perfection.

The Manya Education Team has always taken pride in the performance of its students and has supported me every step of the way. This gesture has once again reaffirmed my belief towards their commitment to excellence. I would definitely recommend Princeton Review's
GMAT preparation to prospective candidates who are planning their MBA Education.

Anuj Gupta


My journey from a clueless newbie at TPR to a scholarship holder has been nothing short of spectacular, replete with all kinds of learning experiences. It is all due to the efforts of the Trainers and Counsellors here at the Princeton Review that I have been able to achieve a score of 2300 (800 Reading, 760 Writing, 740 Math). Being a Medical student, I always had certain phobia of Math and I was quite apprehensive about The Math section; however all my fears were put to rest by Deepti Ma'am, my math trainer who helped me out every step of the way and was always available for doubt sessions. My Verbal trainer Suman ma'am also honed my English skills and helps me achieve a perfect score on the Reading Section.

The books, facilities and counsellors are all top-notch and help you achieve your potential. The scholarship offer by TPR has been an added bonus and it gives me immense joy to see the institution helping me out and staying in contact even after I have completed the course. I am sure that this scholarship and my time here at Princeton will go way in heloing me secure admission into the college of my dreams.

Ayushi Sood

External Scholarships UG Scholarships University Scholarships