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SAT 2020

How to Get your SAT and Subject Test Scores:

  • For the Students: Go to your online score report for your multiple-choice and essay scores.
  • For the Educators: Go to the K–12 reporting portal on the College Board website.


When to Expect Scores:

If you have taken the SAT in or before June 2019 then you can get your scores. Go to your online score report on the College Board website or you can check how to send scores on the portal.

If you are taking the SAT after June 2019 then you can choose any test date below for score release dates.


2019-20 Score Release Dates

1. Aug 24 Test Day

2. October 5 Test Day

3. October 16 Test Day

4. October 30 Test Day

5. November 2 Test Day

6. December 7 Test Day

7. March 4 Test Day

8. March 14 Test Day

9. March 25 Test Day

10. April 14 Test Day

11. April 28 Test Day

12. May 2 Test Day

13. June 6 Test Day


Let us learn some other ways to get your SAT scores:

  • Paper score reports: If you have registered by mail and don’t have active College Board online accounts then, in this case, you will receive paper score reports.
  • Printing your scores (desktop only): In order to print your online score report, you need to go to your online score report, click the view details button, and then click download report in the top right corner of the page.
  • Scores by phone: You can get SAT scores by phone starting on the day they’re released, but you need to pay some extra fee for that.
  • Old scores: You can call to request old scores. You’ll have to pay a fee.


How to Get Help with Scores:

Let us find out what to do if you’re having trouble accessing your released scores:

  • You may need to update your account information. Log in to the student score portal and follow the instructions to verify your account on the College Board site.
  • Log in to the student score portal and learn how to use your registration number from the SAT or Subject Tests to verify your account.
  • Did you have another account on College Board? Maybe you or your parent, or your counsellor could have made it. Log out now and log back in using the other account.
  • In case you need old scores, please call to request old scores. But note that you will need to pay a fee.
  • Educators who need help should go to the K–12 portal’s help page on the College Board’s official website.