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As pioneers in the domain of study abroad education, we today have an action packed gmat courses called The GMAT Ultima to help students who are preparing for GMAT Test. To get into the best universities and colleges in the US and elsewhere, Manya's GMAT coaching is preferred by thousands of students for GMAT training in India because of its highly acknowledged GMAT test preparation material, gmat courses and highly qualified and certified GMAT training instructors who are always ready to help you prepare for GMAT. Personalized Manya GMAT coaching classes cater to subject-specific strengths and weaknesses of students and guide the students aggressively towards preparation for GMAT Test. With our scientific approach in conducting diagnostic tests and mentoring students according to their individual strengths and weaknesses, Manya's GMAT test preparation programs on how to prepare for the GMAT Test are proven to be one of the best GMAT test preparation techniques by the thousands of students who have cracked the GMAT Test.

One-third of GMAT students this year scored above the 90th percentile. Our improvement is the highest in the industry at an admirable 176 points.

Why should you join The Princeton Review?

Our course material is the outcome of the rigorous research of our R&D team based in United States. The test formats are regularly tapped and inputs on the latest question patterns, trends etc. are tracked, appropriate strategies developed, and then documented in the manuals and all these study materials are an excellent beginning for students to start preparing for GMAT and to guide them as to how to prepare for the GMAT Test. The test is an American one, and therefore the best strategies are also likely to be developed by Americans, since they would understand the psychology of test-writers and test-takers better. We will give you a manual developed by TPR, the latest version of the Official Guide, the GMAT Supplement to ensure that you have TONS of practice and several handouts to help you prepare for GMAT Test. The manual not only focuses on the key contents that you need to master for example various aspects of grammar or various concepts in math, but also trains students while preparing for GMAT to be intelligent test-takers. This is unlike several other institutes where the course material is just an assortment of questions. We believe that a right combination of content and strategy to prepare GMAT is important to succeed on the GMAT. While you start preparing for GMAT apart from manual and OG Official Guide, you will receive access to our unique online resource called the Student Portal (SP). Through the SP you will have access to 10 full-length gmat computer adaptive tests. The score you obtain on these tests can be linked to the scores you can expect to get on the real test, with only a 20- 30 point variation in most cases and guide you with the preparation of the GMAT test. Unlike several other tests that are available online or are offered by other institutes our tests are 'Computer Adaptive' and follow a scoring pattern that is followed by the GMAT and also give you a great confidence that you are on the right track as far your preparation for GMAT is concerned. . Through our SP, not only can you take tests, but can also review your performance when you are preparing for GMAT. The Student Portal SP will generate comprehensive scores reports for every gmat test you take. The report will detail the questions you have correctly answered as well as those that have been incorrectly answered, along with the time you have spent on each question. This will enable you to plan your strategy for the next attempt Again, your faculty will review the report in detail and guide you as to how to prepare for GMAT and thus guide you well ahead of time towards preparation for the GMAT test.

Other than that we also ask you to take the 2 GMAT Prep tests since they are GMAC's creations and the scores obtained on these tests are clear indicators to guide you students how to prepare for GMAT more aggressively. Other than these 12 tests which you will be asked to take periodically and for which your performance will be assessed and feedback given by faculty, there are several other tests that you can take in our computers in the labs by way of additional practice. Besides tests, the SP gives you access to several online drills and as well as the facility of online review of lessons to prepare GMAT. You can use these if you miss a class, or want to review any strategy later.

If you still crave for more gmat computer adaptive practice test then feel to use our library where we have carefully selected the right practice material for you to enhance your preparation for GMAT and also give you the required confidence that you are on the right way towards preparation for GMAT test. You should register for the actual test soon, not more than 2 months after your course ends. The reason for this is that the rigor and the practice will enable you to improve your scores and you should take the test while you are in touch .i.e.: take your GMAT while' the iron is hot.'

Our Commitment: For us the most important thing is to see you satisfied with your preparation and help you achieve the scores that you are aiming for. For this our teachers are available to you for doubt clearance, and are the best guides that you can get anywhere to assist you on how to prepare for GMAT Test. Please ensure that you call the center and take an appointment for doubt clearance. Your teachers are going to be firm about your commitment to the gmat prep courses as well that is absolutely required when you are preparing for GMAT and will not encourage sloppiness in work . Even before you start the course, you will have to take a diagnostic test so that the teachers know where you stand in terms of performance, and can advise you on your approach for the next test. Please ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity and also understand that this is when you start preparing for GMAT Test.

GMAT Boosters

A very unique component of your GMAT ULTIMA course is the BOOSTER session. If you are aiming for the top-scores, this component is for you to assist you to prepare for GMAT with the only aim of scoring nothing below a 700+

These are personalized one-on-one sessions taken by the most experienced teachers to help you with the right guidance and mentoring in the final stages of your preparation for the GMAT Test.

  • You need to score a 600+ on any of the GMAT CATS Computer Adaptive Practice Test during the GMAT prep courses to be eligible /start preparing for GMAT Booster sessions.
  • The earlier you show the improvement, the earlier the Booster sessions can start for you to aggressively help you prepare GMAT effectively.
  • Do not book your test date without consulting your Booster teacher. He or she will guide you as to when to book the slot. The more flexible you are with your timelines, the greater is the chance of you being the most prepared!


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