FAQs – GMAT / GRE/ SAT / IELTS Online Classes


How do I continue my study abroad test preparation due to non-availability of classes at any of the Manya Education centers?

All our current batches for GMAT / GRE / SAT / IELTS and other exams have transitioned smoothly to Online at a national level. There are daily classes happening where multiple students are logging in from different parts of the country to continue their studies.


I had always preferred face to face classes vis-a-vis online ones due to the benefit of direct faculty interaction. Is there a solution to this?

Absolutely! We at Manya Education have put student requirements as our top priority and hence are delivering online classes of the same quality as we always have in classroom sessions. Faculty is trained well on managing the online environment and is leveraging technology at its best to ensure students are fully engaged & interacting.


How will the classes be conducted? What is the platform I need to be familiar with?

The Manya Education technology suite comes your way with the amazing in class features! The algorithm based Student portal provides access to e-books and slides through which online classes are conducted. Trainers are provided with Tabs through which the Quant problems are solved the same way that would be done in a face to face session.


What about instructors? Are they equipped enough with this sudden online transition?

Conducting online sessions is not something new for the trainers at Manya Education. Our instructors have been trained to handle Live online sessions much before the COVID pandemic. Manya has been conducting online sessions for a long period of time and hence instructors are ready and skilled enough to give you perfect classes!


Will I get the support I need from trainers even after I complete the course?

Undoubtedly! Every trainer at Manya Education is interacting with the student till he/she reaches his/her dream destination-ABROAD! Extra help sessions, Booster sessions, Refreshers, Feedback for mock tests, Workshops, Test plans & schedules – all of this are part of our value added services!


If I am not able to follow Online classes as well as I do offline/ in class sessions, will I lose all that I invested at Manya Education?

Certainly not! God forbid this COVID-19 crisis doesn’t continue for long, we shall soon resume our in-center classes and you will be accommodated in them. But don’t you think you should take this opportunity and go digital too! We promise you that it is going to be an enriching experience!


How will the sessions happen? Will they be in batches? Is there a limit to the number of students in a batch? Are 1:1s also possible?

Manya Education offers both 1:1 sessions as well as group sessions. Each of these comes with its distinct specifications. There is a cap on the number of students in a batch, after all quality is our utmost priority. Course schedules are tailored according to the needs of each of the products and are shared with the students.
If one doesn’t follow to his best in a batch, he is given the 1:1 facility. The Value added services remain the same either ways!


Will there be an orientation to the courses in the online batches?

Yes! We always commence every course with an Orientation session wherein the students come to know more about our pedagogy, the course details & structure, the number of sessions & duration of each, the course materials provided, the online portal, our expectations of the students, and success stories.


How will we get access to our Course materials?

Since classes are online, E-books have been prepared to take care of the situation .E-books are available to the students through the Student portal. Any additional material would be shared through the google drive with the students.


So, do I begin classes as soon as I am enrolled?

Yes, the allotment of batches will happen according to the course and timing you will prefer. You will also be asked to take a diagnostic test before the session begins. This test is mandatory. It gives a way to understand how you currently perform on the test and accordingly you will be guided throughout the course to show the improvement.


Can you arrange for a demo before I enroll?

Yes, we do allow a demo of half an hour of the course you want to enroll in. The Demo usually happens during an ongoing session. If it is a 1:1 session that you are enrolling for, a 1:1 Demo is given for the same time duration. You can request the counselor for a demo session.


Do I need to be equipped with any extra gadgets for the online classes?

The essential equipment for online classes is all you need to have-a laptop/PC, good internet connection, head-phones/ear-phones. Your E-books will be available in your student portal.


What should I do if there is a power problem or internet issue? Can I ask for a compensation class?

We do understand that transitioning all of a sudden to an online format come with its own challenges. However, it would be good if you are able to manage a good internet connection. Nothing of course can be done if there is a power shutdown. Yes in exigencies such as listed above, we do give you the compensation class. Despite this, if you are unable to even attend the compensation class, you have the makeup lessons in your student portal that will come to the rescue. So you can go through the videos and reach out to your faculty for any doubts you may have.


I have heard recently of the Home Test facility. How does the registration process work for this?

Although the registration process remains the same, there are additional features and caution points added that you have to read in detail before the registration. Please find the details per product below:



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For any other information, call our Study Abroad Helpline 1800 102 4646