1. What is the National SAT Olympiad?

    National SAT Olympiad* strives to give students the unique opportunity to get a feel of the new SAT via a full-length proctored test. The National SAT Olympiad also aims to provide students with an opportunity to get scholarships for their study abroad dream. (*SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board. Manya and 'National SAT Olympiad'16' are not affiliated with the College Board, creators of the SAT® exam.)

  2. What is the eligibility criterion for the National SAT Olympiad`16?

    All students above 14 years of age are eligible for the National SAT Olympiad.

  3. Where and how can I register for the National SAT Olympiad`16?

    Students can register online at https://www.manyagroup.com/manya_sat_2016/

  4. Do I need to pay any Registration Fee?

    There is no Registration fee.

  5. What is the duration and pattern of the examination?

    The pattern is as follows Reading 65 minutes, Writing and language 35 minutes, Math 80 minutes, Essay 50 minutes. Total duration is 4 hours including breaks.

  6. Is there a shorter exam available?

    No, there is no shorter version of the exam.

  7. Can I take the National SAT Olympiad`16 online?

    No, this is a paper based test.The test administered by College Board is also paper based.

  8. What is the qualifying score for the Scholarship?

    Minimum qualifying score for being eligible for Scholarship is 1100. Additionally read Terms and conditions

  9. What will a student get in the National SAT Olympiad`16?

    Students get the opportunity to win scholarships for Test Prep and Admissions Services offered by Manya-The Princeton Review as per given details:

       Rank  SAT Test Prep    ACS/ELP/AP*  
    1-3 100%  10%
    4-8 50%
    9-38 25%
      39-138   20%

    *Admission Counseling Services/English Language Proficiency/Advanced Placement

    • All rank holders at the National and at the city level will get a certificate.
    • Every participating student will get a certificate of participation.


  10. Do you have any offers on ACS, ELP, AP and Subject tests?

    You can avail 10% discount on ACS, ELP or AP and Subject tests once you register for SAT coaching.

  11. When will be the National SAT Olympiad held?

    Please visit https://www.manyagroup.com/nso_16

  12. Is the same Scholarship applicable to the ACT?

    Yes, same scholarship is applicable to the ACT.

  13. What are the changes in the New SAT?
    • Vocabulary in Context (VIC) – focus on meanings of words in context instead of mere meanings
    • Command of Evidence – find evidence in support of answers
    • Essay is optional –  You can take the SAT without essay (although we do not recommend that)
    • Essay analyzing a source – evaluate use of evidence and rhetoric by the author
    • Math that Matters Most  --  foundational math skills are more important
    • Math with and without calculator – only one of the two Math sections allows use of calculator
    • Problems grounded in real-world contexts – charts and graphs in reading and writing; wordy Math problems!
    • Analysis in Science and in History/Social Studies – not only passages but also Math questions come under this category
    • Great Global Conversation and US Founding Documents – focus on critical events in US & World history/ literature, key events related to American Independence & Constitution, thoughts of great leaders from all over the world
    • NO penalty for wrong answers! – No more losing points for guessing incorrectly

*will need to be taken if required by a college for your course!


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SAT is a trademark registered and owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with and does not endorse this product.

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