The New SAT: Easier or Harder?


As you may have figured out, there are fewer things that you will like about the changes. On the whole the New SAT appears to be more challenging than the older one.

However, you must reckon the following.

  • Just rights only scoring" doesn't make a test easy or hard.
  • Even for those who are good at Math, if enhanced weightage for Math (from one third to half) is a comforting change, there are going to be advanced Math and challenging question types that students are not familiar with. Ensuring accuracy
  • Under time pressure will also remain to be a challenge.
  • Long Math word problems will require “Math” reading skill in addition to Math skills.
  • US Founding Documents and Great Global Conversations are two areas that many students may not be familiar with.
  • Although there won't be direct vocabulary questions, vocabulary will still remain to be a subtle necessity. A test taker will need to be familiar with words such as Abolitionist, Federalist, enfranchise, suffrage etc.
  • Essay writing will require knowledge of figures of speech and appreciation of rhetorical devices.
  • New question types will require new techniques to solve such questions with panache.

In the final analysis, it really doesn’t matter whether the test has become easier or harder because all that matters is how you perform relative to the other test takers. It's all about your percentile -- how you perform compared to others.

You should, therefore, just “aspire higher” and “achieve more”.

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