The New SAT : More about the changes

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

  • In the Reading Test, you will see a few paired questions – a question will be followed by another question that will ask you to identify the exact portion from the passage that supports your answer to the previous question.
  • You will be presented with a few passages that will be accompanied by charts and graphs.
  • Some questions will require you to synthesize the data from the text and data from the charts and graphs.
  • Unlike the questions in the old SAT, quite a few questions in the Writing and Language Test will test you on punctuation.
  • Passages relating to US Founding Documents and Great Global Conversation may present challenging vocabulary and may also be the Achilles' heel for the uninitiated


  • IMany of the Math questions will be very wordy as they will describe real life scenario.
  • A few of the Math questions will test your understanding of the concepts rather than your ability to solve questions.
  • You will come across more than one Math question – often a pair -- based on sam`e data.


  • Although the Essay is optional, it may be ‘mandatory” for you as many colleges may ask for an essay score.

As you may have already noticed, a few of these changes go in your favor, some do not. For a quick evaluation of what goes in your favor and what doesn’t Click here


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