SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP Student's Testimonials


Varsha Senthil

SAT : 1520/1600

Manya ID : ADR161712E00109

I'd like to thank Manya - The Princeton Review for all the support they provided me with. I wouldn’t have managed to get an 800/800 on SAT math without the support of my teachers. The help offered by my mentors helped me improve my verbal score as well, and I got 720. The constant testing and feedback sessions helped me strengthen my weak areas, especially those for Math. I’m extremely thankful to the faculty and management at Manya.




SAT: 1430/1600

Manya ID : RJG151603E00017

Manya-The Princeton Review has helped me achieve a great SAT score. The study material provided was very helpful and had all type of questions one can expect in an actual exam. The concepts taught helped me to get a hold on the syllabus and achieve a perfect score in mathematics.  The faculty was always available for the doubt sessions. The frequent review sessions helped me in identifying my mistakes. I would strongly recommend Manya-The Princeton Review to anyone looking for a great score on the SAT.


Jwalika Balaji

SAT: 1540/1600

Manya ID : ADR161712E00027

My journey at Manya- The Princeton Review started when I took the SAT diagnostic test and got a score of 1260. 'Not too bad for a beginner', they said and I was unsure of what to make of that comment. A score improvement of at least a 100 points was promised and I ended up bettering my score by a massive 280 points! This is due to the wonderful training given by Manya- The Princeton Review. Trainers who are always ready to help, staff who is always ready to make you feel comfortable, facilities that make you want to be there all the time - Manya has everything needed to make the SAT journey an incredible one for every student. And it was this wonderful support that ultimately made me get a 1500+ score.


Krishnan Srinivasan

SAT: 1520/1600

Manya ID : NGB161701E00034

My experience with Manya The Princeton Review was great, I listened to whatever my trainers had to say and followed it closely. The numerous practice tests boosted my confidence and made me feel more prepared for the real SAT. Overall the teaching, test and TPR strategies helped me a lot. Also, doing the homework and practicing strategies every day allowed me to manage my time effectively in the test. I am very grateful for everything.


Bratin Ghosh

SAT: 1410/1600

Manya ID : SBR1516E00007

An Inspirer.  An Engager. These characteristics are just a short sample of the Manya-The Princeton Review demonstrated with me. I am really proud to be one of their students. The institution conducted timed tests emulating the real one which helped me realize my strengths and weakness and encouraged me to work on them for improvement in my performance.



SAT: 1490/1600

Manya ID : ADR161712E00028

I joined Manya The Princeton Review for SAT coaching. I was amazed to see the dedication, competence and positive attitude of the teachers. My English improved a great deal and also had a positive effect on my CBSE English marks. The entire period of intense academic training felt effortless with the encouragement of my teachers.


Aliya Abdul Rahim

SAT: 1490/1600

Manya ID : LKI161708E00006

Joining the Princeton Review was, indeed, one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I started my journey of studying for the SAT with a score of 1200. The constant support of the staff and the excellent study material helped me reach a score of 1490 with a perfect 800 in the Mathematic section. The unparalleled counseling services and the editing process helped me better my college applications and get into the University of Rochester with 100% Scholarship.


Urvashi Singh

SAT: 1470/1600

Manya ID : CHD161706E00045

The Princeton Review has the most supportive faculty along with the best preparation material. From arranging a doubt session whenever I needed to evaluating all the essays I brought, their guidance proved to be indispensable as I went from a score of 1190 to 1470. The rigorous full-length tests and test analysis sessions equipped me with the knowledge necessary as a SAT taker. With great mentors at The Princeton Review, my experience was nothing short of fantastic.


Reshma Shri

SAT: 1440/1600

Manya ID : CMB1516S00002E030001

Thanks to the Princeton Review for the SAT prep classes that were interactive and effective. The faculty members were friendly and helped me in grasping the concepts clearly. I started with a score of 1200 in the diagnostic test and with their help, I scored 1440. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the proper guidance of the Princeton Review.


Mahindar Panneer Selvam

AP: 5/5

Manya ID : PRR151602E00033

The online classes at Manya-The Princeton Review provided me the much-needed guidance. Despite preparing only for a few weeks, I was able to achieve a score of five in AP Calculus BC. I would attribute this achievement to them. The coaching is definitely top-notch. Though I was not interested in Mathematics, this course made me choose the subject as a college major.


Aditya Chanana

SAT: 1520/1600

Manya ID test: STX151603E00041

My experience with Manya-The Princeton Review has been extremely pleasant. All the instructors are competent and well-versed, and they taught in a very comprehensive and thorough manner. The diagnostic tests helped me to track my progress over the weeks, as well as to become familiarised with the SAT. The instructors provided me with a review, so that I could work on my weak areas. All in all, they definitely helped me to perform to the best of my ability on the SAT.


Rudra Narsiman

SAT: 1420/1600

Manya ID test: CMB161704E00037

I was under the coaching and assistance of Manya-The Princeton Review for SAT. Their resources and guidance were key to my final successful score. Their webinars and guide books were essential to my fundamental learning for the SAT. The faculty was outstanding in terms of experience, skills, and techniques towards my learning.



SAT: 1460/1600

Manya ID test: RJG151603E00015

My experience with Manya-The Princeton Review has been delightful. The teachers are experienced and well familiar with their subjects their guidance was useful and is the primary reason for my achievement. The diagnostic tests are a good way of familiarizing oneself with the actual exam, the given material is up to date and adequate for anyone aiming for a decent score. In a nutshell, I would recommend Manya-The Princeton Review to everyone.


Mansi Shrivastava

SAT: 1540/1600

Manya ID test: LKI1516N00011E010002

As a SAT Aspirant, Joining Manya -The Princeton Review was the wisest decision I could have made. The rigorous diagnostic test, coupled with the insightful guidance of the staff, proved to be a lifesaver for the test day. The personalized support makes joining the institution a must for anyone planning to study abroad.


Harmandeep Singh

SAT: 1480/1600

Manya ID test: CHD161706E00094

I am highly indebted to my friend whose suggestion led me to join Manya-The Princeton Review. Their role in my progress – from 1150 in the diagnostic test to 1480 on the actual SAT – cannot be overstated. The rigorous practice tests, expert guidance, and insider tips and tricks boosted my confidence, not to mention the individual attention given in the one-to-one analysis sessions. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to realize their potential and achieve their target score.


Radhika Chandra

SAT: 1550/1600

Manya ID test: LCK161710E00001

The Princeton Review has been like another home to me and it was because of the encouragement and guidance I received that, my skills improved. Having such proficient and solicitous mentors made the journey an easier and more enjoyable one. Strategies taught are very effective and numerous practice tests help one assess oneself. “I am grateful to the Princeton Review for helping me score well.


Adithya Narasimhan

SAT: 1470/1600

Manya ID test: JNR151603E00072

My SAT test had been an amazing one, thanks to the incredible teachers I have had in Manya-The Princeton Review. I got a good understanding of how to answer those questions properly and efficiently. I cannot express how grateful I am to the teachers for the stellar explanations to the questions, answers and the time taken to make sure we understood the concepts.


Deepika Gupta

SAT: 1530/1600

Manya ID test: LCK161710E00007

When it comes to SAT Prep, nothing parallels the Princeton Review’s rigorous SAT Program. Each concept is explained in detail by the teachers. The test series is meticulously designed and is conducted in an environment similar to the real SAT. These aspects helped me prepare for my SAT in less than a month. Pair them with the friendly nature of the teachers and the college advice provided the combination is sure to help one come out with flying colours on the test day.



SAT: 1440/1600

Manya ID test: ANR161708E00002

I would like to thank Manya-The Princeton Review for helping me improve my scores and aiding my admission process. I thank the ever-present teacher and staff, who made it a lot easier. I was well equipped with the study material and practice tests which helped rectify my shortcomings. On the whole, I was very satisfied and believe that they will help much more achieve their study abroad dreams.

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