IELTS/TOEFL Student's Testimonials


Minal Ahuja

IELTS : 8/9

Manya ID: NCS151602E00011

The guidance provided at Manya-The Princeton Review was just what I needed to excel the IELTS. The course completed well in time and the faculty is co-operative and well trained. My experience here was wonderful.


Carlson Alexander

TOEFL : 108/120

Manya ID: TRC161701E00003

The trainers were an expert in the given field, their timely help, strong foundation in their basics and ability to relentlessly solve any given question helped me achieve a decent score. I befitted from the brainstorming sessions that were conducted every week and the online portal was also very useful for an exhaustive practice. I really appreciate the faculty for the on time training and providing amazing tips to crack specific set of questions.


Rohan Setia

IELTS: 7.5/9

Manya ID: CHD161712E00036

I offer my gratitude to the teachers at Manya-The Princeton Review. In addition to my sheer tenacity to achieve higher grades in IELTS, the pedagogical methods, hard-work, and efforts of the teachers to inculcate us with right techniques were really helpful. The ambiance of the class is quite friendly and supporting. Tests also helped me a lot in finding out my weak and strong areas. Being the student at Manya-The Princeton Review really helped me in taking a leap to a 7.5 band.


Anik Bhattacharjee

TOEFL: 119/120

Manya ID: SBR1415N00002E080044

Words cannot fully describe my feelings of achieving a score like this. I thank Manya-The Princeton Review for showing me the way when I was completely clueless about the test. The interactive sessions were one of the most beneficial sessions that I have ever attended. These sessions not only guided me about the test but also instilled confidence in me. Above all, the friendly and supportive nature of the faculty helped me to clarify my doubts and improve my skills


Anshul Joshi

IELTS: 7/9

Manya ID: CHD151601E00034

The mentors at the Princeton Review are very supportive and well prepared for their role. They regularly check each and every student’s progress and help them in improving their performance. I am thankful to them for helping me get a wonderful score in IELTS and taking me closer to my goal.


Shushyam Maligesharanappa

TOEFL: 117/120

Manya ID: JNR151606E00236

Thanks to Manya-The Princeton Review for giving me awesome teachers who have helped me to constantly improve on the speaking and the writing sections on the TOEFL. Please continue the awesome work that you have been doing.


Sabhyata Gupta

TOEFL: 113/120

Manya ID: CHD161707E00053

I am very grateful to Manya-The Princeton Review for helping me to improve my score from 92 to 113. It would not have been possible without the guidance and sincere efforts made by them. The questions in real TOEFL were very similar to those I had practiced during the classes. The techniques taught to me not only helped me crack the questions easily but also helped me to manage my time well. I think it is possible for anyone to score well on TOEFL, by simply following what the trainers say and use the resources that one has provided here.


Arkita Chakraborti

TOEFL: 117/120

Manya ID: STX1516S00062E070001

I totally owe my TOEFL score to the classes I took at Manya-The Princeton Review. When I first began working for TOEFL, little did I know that the effective techniques taught to me would enable me to score so well. Teachers have been instrumental behind this score. Furthermore, the study material provided was at par with the questions in the real test. To sum up, I am indeed very glad and satisfied with the learning experience that I had at Manya-The Princeton Review


Kirubakaran K

IELTS : 8/9

Manya ID: TRC171810E0010

I'm really grateful to Manya-The Princeton Review for being a constant source of encouragement and support. The faculty at Manya really helped boost my confidence; their teaching methods, the tips and strategies suggested by them helped me ace the exam. I offer my gratitude solely to the teachers at Manya who went out of their way and helped me achieve a wonderful score.


Kaustav Banik

IELTS : 8/9

Manya ID: SBR151612E00033

Manya-The Princeton Review is one of the best institutions for IELTS preparation. It is amazing to see how much effort they put in, like teaching connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for their dedication and perseverance. Without their continued guidance, my achievement of a band 8 would never have been possible.

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