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What is International Internship Program?

The Program allows students to complete their internship in a chosen subject with world-class education experts. This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses. Paired with the state-of-the-art interactive communications and program management platform, students are able to collaborate with mentors in an accessible, convenient and organized remote learning environment that replicates in-person communication.

With hard work, students not only complete a research project or written work/publication but can also earn a letter of recommendation – an influential asset for future admissions or employment goals!


Why Attend the Session?
  • Introduction to IIP program
  • Preparatory work, research and career options for the fields of Sociology & Psychology
  • Professor / Mentor's past & current research and teachings
  • Professor / Mentor's expectations & goals for IIP students
  • IIP's overall value to competitive university applications.
Our Esteemed Speakers
David Schuessler
MA, Computing in Education,
Columbia University
MBA, MIT – Fudan University
Dr. Tyson Smith
Lecturer in Sociology,
University of Pennsylvania
Steps to a Successful Internship


Ans: IIP is a combination of the world’s most experienced and successful experts in education services with interactive online communications platforms, giving students the opportunity to learn from world experts in a remote learning environment that best replicates in-person communication.An opportunity to work 1-on-1 under a top university professor/researcher/scholar or business leader will definitely put your students’ one step ahead of their competition.

Ans: IIP gives the opportunity to:

  • The students to advance their learning and development in ways not possible within regular curriculum.
  • Differentiate the student’s profile from that of the competitive pool.
  • Help in networking with distinguished faculty and the program will be an immense learning opportunity.
  • Reassurance to university admissions officers that the student is capable of excelling in a challenging, elite university learning environment.
  • Student successfully completes an activity that is likely to be highly prioritized on their Common Application Activities List.

Ans:  Full Time (Online Mode and flexibiliy).

Ans: POSSIBLE INTERNSHIP PLANS: Work as an assistant or collaborator on one of the mentor's current projects. Work with your mentor on the creation of a written report which could become a publication. Work on a new research project decided upon by you or together with your mentor. Learn from your mentor to increase your knowledge set and expertise within a subject you want to study.

Ans: Yes, Mentor Mapping with the Interest area is the first step in IIP.

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