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Education is all about instilling knowledge in children that will make them better learners and better people. In the current scenario when all the schools are opting for online mode and not being able to devote much time with students, it becomes important that their education is not compromised due to this.

Introducing, Live Online Academic Tutoring Free Trial Classes which will help students to learn about the different topics as per their curriculum in their subject of interest. Get help from our expert tutors to complete homework, assignments and clarification of doubts on any topic or sub topic of the given subject.

Classes Schedule

Trigonometric Functions

CIE (AS & A level)

Trigonometric functions for angles of any size...Read More >

11th May'21 | 6pm onwards

Energy and Respiration

CIE (AS & A level)

The need for energy in living organisms...Read More >

13th May'21 | 6pm onwards

The Macroeconomy

CIE (AS & A level)

Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply analysis...Read More >

18th May'21 | 6pm onwards

Grammar Rules: Misplaced Modifiers & Conjunctions

Grade (6th-10th)

Understand how to use modifiers. Find... Read More >

20th May'21 | 6pm onwards

Trigonometry: Basics and Its Applications

IGCSE (Grade 9th-10th)

Solve trigonometric problems in two dimensions involving angles...Read More >

25th May'21 | 6pm onwards

Directed Writing and Composition

IGCSE (Grade 9th-10th)

Description and Analysis of a picture...Read More >

27th May'21 | 6pm onwards

Structure and boning

IGCSE(Grade 9th-10th)

1. Why do atoms make bonds. 2. Type of bonding...Read More >

1st June'21 | 6pm onwards

Algebra: Translating English to Math - Word Problems Made Easy

Grade 6th-10th

Identify the code words and phrases in a word problem...Read More >

3rd June'21 | 6pm onwards

Mechanics: Motion, Forces, Work, Energy and Power

IB (Diploma)

1. Motions 2. Forces 3. Work, energy and...Read More >

8th June'21 | 6pm onwards

Functions and Equations

IB (Diploma)

Concept of functions, domain, range, image (value)...Read More >

10th June'21 | 6pm onwards


IB (Diploma)

Measuring economic activity and illustrating its variations...Read More >

15th June'21 | 6pm onwards

Who should Attend?
  • Students who are currently in grade 6th-12th pursuing their studies from IGCSE & IB Board
  • Students who are looking for online coaching classes for their regular studies
  • Students who want to strengthen their concepts in Maths, Science & English and aspiring to study abroad
  • Students who want to improve their scores in various subjects as mentioned in the schedule.
Live Online Academic Tutoring

Manya Education’s tutoring is a personalized and one-on-one coaching service based on the Socratic Method of teaching where the tutor takes into consideration all the learning needs of a student and helps them reach their end goal by giving them the individual attention they are unable to get at school or in group learning classes.

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