How to prepare for IELTS Spoken English

The following will go a long way in improving the test taking skills for the IELTS, as well as improve the Spoken English proficiency of the test taker:-

  • Be familiar with every section of the IELTS test, especially the format, the types of questions, and the number of sections in each module of the IELTS
  • Take all the prescribed short and full-length tests that are prescribed by our IELTS instructors
  • Participate in the group discussions and JAM sessions that are conducted as a part of our course curriculum
  • Enrich vocabulary via the roots, mnemonics and other memory devices that our instructors employ to help students increase their word power. A strong vocabulary not only improves confidence in the speaking section of the test, but also helps to improve skills in the writing section
  • Listen to various speech tracks of different countrymen to get familiar with their accents and intonation
  • Learn to practice in proctored conditions to help you assess your improvement
  • Practice reading comprehension, daily to improve reading skills and understand the way to answer typical questions on the IELTS
  • Undergo Interview-style speaking sessions and mock tests repeatedly to overcome fear or shyness while speaking


Why study IELTS Spoken English at Manya-The Princeton Review?

  • Interview- style speaking sessions : One- on- one mock interviews are conducted to help  students experience the feel of the actual IELTS Speaking test
  • Grading as per IELTS Test: Grading for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as per IELTS rubrics and parameters for each module
  • Weekly mock tests: Students are able to track their progress week after week, and are made to focus on band score improvement at all times
  • Personalized attention: Small batch sizes to enable personalized coaching with individual focus on each student
  • Free headphones: Individual  high quality headphones given to students to enable better listening during practice and tests
  • Projector enabled classrooms: Aids to better pronunciation and speaking shared via video clips that are projected in the classroom
  • Study Abroad Workshops: Sessions on  study abroad opportunities, colleges and courses in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and US
  • Full-day classes (from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm): The teaching imparted in the pre-lunch sessions are revised along with more practice worksheets assigned in the post lunch sessions
  • The Princeton Review US certified trainers: The course is taught by IELTS specialist teachers who have been certified as per US standards of The Princeton Review
  • Take home study material : The instructors teach from two Cambridge books in the classes- students carry these books home
  • Role Plays: for practice of actual IELTS experience
  • Daily double practice for each module : Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing with daily feedback and grading



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