IELTS Spoken English Pattern

IELTS Spoken English coaching at Manya-The Princeton Review in Punjab is a perfect learning for all non-native English speakers, whose primary language is not English but are planning to go abroad to study or immigration purposes. The two months learning course at Manya-The Princeton Review is to suit the different IELTS learning requirements of our students. Whether a student takes the IELTS Academic Training, or IELTS General Training Module, our experienced faculty has been always ready to guide them. The course material comprises of two Cambridge University books and daily practice sessions for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing under the assured guidance of certified IELTS experts.



Measures the English language Proficiency needed for an academic environment of learning.


Measures English language usage in a general work – a day environment.

Listening (30 minutes) plus 10 minutes for transferring answers from the exam booklet to the answer sheet provided.

  • Four recorded monologues and conversations with 40 multiple choice questions
  • Listening tracks are usually of academic interest in the form of lectures or academic discussions between lecturer and students.

Listening (30 minutes) plus 10 minutes extra time for transferring answers on the answer sheet.

  • 4 recorded monologues and conversations with 40 Multiple choice questions
  • Listening tracks can be from chat shows or news items of general interest.

Reading ( 60 minutes)

  • 3 passages ranging from descriptive to factual and analytical
  • 40 questions testing evidence based information from the passages
  • Passages sourced from newspapers , journals, scientific material etc

Reading ( 60 minutes)

  • 3 Sections.
  • Section 1: two or more texts based on social situations
  • Section 2:two texts based on course or

work related situations

section 3: one text on general reading comprehension

  • Passages range from work related facts or on topics of general interest such as local leaflets, advertisements or pamphlets.

Writing ( 60 minutes )

  •  Writing task of 150 words describing graphs, diagrammatic information or tabulated data.
  • Independent task :  Essay writing task of about 250 words

Writing ( 60 minutes)

  • Letter writing task of at least 150 words
  • Short essay task of 250 words

Speaking ( 11 to 14 minutes)

  • Face to face interview
  • 3  speaking parts
  • Part 1- Introduction round. 4 to 5 minutes
  • Part 2-Giving a short talk-2 minutes
  • Part 3- Discussion round on the Part 2 topic.- 5 minutes

 Speaking (11 to 14 minutes)

  • Face to face interview
  • Part 1 Introduction round- 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Part 2 –Giving a short talk 4 to 5 minutes
  • Part 3 – discussion round on the Part 2 topic.- 5 minutes.


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