IELTS Courses Available

Whether you want to learn the tips and tricks to prepare for IELTS or want to understand its test pattern or are searching for a regular course to increase your band scores or want a complete hand-holding to improve your English skills and proficiency, we have an IELTS course to suit all your needs.

IELTS is a skill-based test and to achieve a higher band you need to have good knowledge of English. The IELTS Course at Manya-The Princeton Review helps students to improve their Basic English skills and proficiency which is essential to get a higher band on the test.

Manya IELTS has three IELTS courses for different learning needs.

Features IELTS Express IELTS Regular IELTS Comprehensive
Orientation 2 Hours 2 Hours 3 Hours (1 Hour at Grammar+ 2 Hours at IELTS)
Classroom Learning 24 Hours 42 Hours 82 Hours
Mock Test 4 (On pre-booking) 6 (On pre-booking) 8 (On pre-booking)
Lab support for the Mock Test
Cambridge Official Guide for IELTS
Cambridge New Insights into IELTS
Cambridge certified trainers
Unique practice handouts in the class 16 28 48
Personalized test assessment
Unlimited doubt clearing
Guided Practice
IELTS Tips, tricks and strategy (E-Book)
Solved writing samples (E-Book)
Solved speaking samples (E-Book)
In class Grammar lessons
Vocabulary + Extra Speaking Classes
Know more Know more Know more

One on One Program

  • One on One classes for students who need flexible hours and special attention. Students with weak basics will benefit the most.
  • 11 Classes of 1 Hour.
  • Special Attention.
  • Flexible Timings.

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