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Secure admission in top university with our comprehensive GRE Prepprogram. Manya-The Princeton Review extends the finest GRE test prep classes, university selection & admission guidance, visa counselling, scholarship details and much more. Join us for result-driven preparation and GRE curriculum coverage, intensive GRE study material, rigorous practice & doubt clearing sessions, etc.

Are you looking for GRE online personal training?Great! Manya’s GRE Exclusive Live Online program is a 1:1 GRE prep solution meant for those who need extra hand-holding and undivided attention. The course is taught by our Master Trainers, who are experienced in test prep, and are dedicated to identify and meet student’s need for GRE preparation at the click of a mouse!During this course, students get exclusive face time with exclusive GRE instructors who provide them with step-by-step concept-building and problem-solving techniques. The classes are offered via live webcasts. The course is a unique, student-friendly, and trustworthy live online program that enables students to study from the comfort of their home like a GRE private coaching.

GRE Exclusive Live Online Offerings:

Tutoring Study Material Resources
Minimum 30 hours Manual for the GRE – In class material to learn techniques and strategies for both Verbal & Quant 8 computer adaptive-by-section practice exams

Interactive score reports for focused test review

15 hours of refresher sessions to recap the techniques and concepts before your actual test.

8 hours * of hard questions online practice sessions to boost the score.

GRE supplement – for practicing harder GRE questions


180+ hours of online resources categorised as before class, in class, and after class
Unlimited ask-an-expert GRE flashcards – to build Vocabulary

1000 words covered during the course


3500+ practice questions

Syllabus-wise/subject-wise practice drills

6 months validity to the GRE course The official guide to the GRE® general test – ETS 470+ drills – different difficulty levels – using ‘Drill Smart’ Algorithm (drills are adaptive!!!)

*Based on eligibility

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Focussed Preparation

Focussed and structured prep. Well defined Pre and Post class learning areas

Need Based Prep Options

Learn what you are weak at through our customized learning solutions

Engaging Trainers

Certified trainers with subject expertise and classroom management skills

Advanced Learning Portal

Built using advanced technology; our portal has everything you need for a great score