As a science student, you are ready to take on the biggest unsolved problems of the world with a demonstrated intense level of curiosity, extensive subject knowledge, high levels of motivation, and an ability to relate your knowledge base to newer problems. While you possess good memory and a strong comprehension of abstract concepts, you are out of touch with the fundamentals of the mathematics that form the foundation of the GRE Test. Though you are a natural logical thinker, you need to refine GRE centric verbal and critical thinking skills to master the verbal Section!

The GRE ACE NON-STEM program knows your preparation problems and coaching needs. It is crafted to progressively build your ability to undertake the GRE Quant and Verbal to get your highest score!

Get your highest GRE Score in the first attempt through:

Smart Efficient Prep: Move progressively from foundational to advanced learning by gaining the essential quant and verbal skills through our foundation sessions. Break down your Quant and Verbal prep challenge by learning strategies that teach you how to beat questions of every difficulty level while managing your time effectively.

Get your Highest GRE Score: Learn the unique Princeton Review strategies that teach you the right approaches to crack any score plateau. Aim for and achieve your Guaranteed Score Improvement of 17 Points* through intensive test analysis, reviews, boosters, GRE Practicum, and refreshers.

Superior Expertise: Prepare with the best GRE Experts! Our trainers are Princeton Review Certified – an Industry Benchmark for Test Prep training. Our experts have years of experience and expertise in setting students like you on their journey to their dream university.

GRE Expert-led Homework: Beat your hectic college schedule with our program that helps you complete 50% of the homework within the class. Learn strategies and reinforce them until you get it right with continuous instructor guidance and review.

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Our program is available both as GRE classroom coaching and GRE online coaching. Pick the one that best fits your time and needs! Simplify your learning.



Tutoring Study Material Student Portal Manya GRE WordsApp
– 77.5 hours (inclusive of Verbal Foundation sessions, Strategy Sessions, and 10.5 Hours of Instructor-led Homework) 

– Guaranteed Score Improvement of 17 Points*

– The Princeton Review Manual for the GRE – In class material to learn techniques and strategies for both Verbal & Quant

– GRE Verbal Foundation Book

– GRE Quant Foundation Book

– 8 computer adaptive-by-section full length practice tests

– Interactive score reports for focused test review

– 1300+ words frequently tested on the GRE

– Words categorized as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

– Learn in bite sized pieces with multiple levels

– GRE Booster – 8 Hours

– GRE Refresher – 15 Hours

GRE supplement- for additional Practice 180+ hours of online resources categorized as before class, in class, and after class assignments – 1800+ questions to master words

– 7 types of review questions

– Revision assessments for retention

– Unlimited Doubt Clearing with the GRE Experts

– GRE Practicum: Post Course Topic wise Strengthening Sessions (Additional 6.5 Hours)

– Manya GRE WordsApp access for 6 months

– GRE Word lists – Vocabulary practice on daily basis

– 153 videos and 3500+ practice questions

– Syllabus-wise/subject-wise practice drills

– Visual representation of the word

– Meanings in simple language

– Multiple attributes for each word serves as mnemonics

12 months validity to the GRE course Exclusive Online Tools using the Princeton Review Student Portal 470+ drills – different difficulty levels – using ‘Drill Smart’ Algorithm – drills are adaptive. – Bookmark words for revision

– Analytics on your dashboard

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Manya GRE Preparation Programs


Comprehensive & focused program for students from Physical & Natural Sciences background. It begins with foundation to fortify the basics and progressively moves towards strategies & practice to help you get the highest GRE scores.


Meticulously planned course for the Smart Engineering students who are Math smart but still need guidance with advanced math assignments & course interventions to achieve the perfect score in Quant. And, a firm, guided verbal foundation, strategies & practice to ensure that they master the verbal section too!

GRE ACE 320+

Premium tailor-made course with an Exclusive Portal just for you ! Now merging the advantages of the existing TPR portal & 162+ Portals with challenging content. A course designed to crack your plateau reaching your highest score & help get you into the top universities. Get 320+ else we pay for your Retest!

GRE ACE Quant 1 on 1

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.

GRE ACE Verbal 1 on 1

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.


A self-prep program for the self-starters that gives dual advantage of the highly advanced Princeton Review Student Portal with intensive practice resources and videos to master the unique high scoring test taking strategies, and the exclusive 8 hours of 1 on 1 doubt clearing sessions with the GRE Experts.

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