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All Princeton Review teachers are masters of content of the tests and our techniques – plus, they are experts at teaching them to students. Our teachers give you crucial feedback and advice that could be the clinching factor in getting you that dream score! The quality and skill of our teachers sets us apart from all other test prep companies. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds including from prestigious institutions. Some are software professionals while some are professors, still others from defense and research backgrounds. Whatever their background, they are proven experts in their subject area and understand the tests inside out.

High Test Scores

All teachers score in the top percentiles of the test and demonstrate excellent test-taking abilities.

Communication Skills

All teachers demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills and they must have engaging personalities. This translates to interesting and well-taught classes, and better prepared students.

Knowledge of Test Content

Teachers complete a comprehensive Princeton Review training, during which they learn test content and are taught how to best convey techniques that will improve your score. They understand traps and common mistakes that an average test taker would make. They understand strategy and pacing and how to transform an ‘average’ test taker to a ‘smart’ one!

Knowledge of The Princeton Review Methodology

Over the years, we have developed a number of standardized test taking strategies proven to help students improve their scores. All Princeton Review teachers have mastered the content of the tests and our techniques – plus, they are experts at teaching them to students.

Friend, Philosopher and Guide

With us, you are not just likely to get just an expert teacher, you also are likely to get yourself a mentor who will work with you till you are satisfied to help improve your score. Take a look at how some of our students have benefited from interacting constantly with their teachers!

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