About GRE Scholarship Test

Manya -The Princeton Review proudly announces the GRE Scholarship Test for study abroad aspirants. Planned across the nation, the GRE Scholarship Test will give thousands of students across India a unique opportunity to know their national rank among peers via a proctored test.

Test Highlights

  • Know your rank among peers
  • Personalized Score report

Test Structure

Test details


Number of Questions

Score Range

Test briefing and distribution

15 minutes



 Verbal Section

45 minutes



Quant Section

45 minutes



 Total duration

90 minutes



  • Both sections will have a mix of easy, medium and hard questions (1/3rd each)
  • No AWA section
  • Test will have 4 different versions to ensure fair practices

Terms and conditions

  • Only those students, who enroll with us and satisfy the scholarship requirement, will be eligible for scholarship by way of getting waiver on the coaching fees
  • If there is a same score shared by two students, scholarship will be given on the first come first serve basis depending on the scholarship eligibility
  • Students who are enrolled for GRE test prep with Manya before 1st August’17 are not eligible for the scholarship
  • Prizes/scholarships are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives for non-cash prizes
  • By participating in the event (GRE Scholarship test), all the participating students and schools consent to be bound by the decision of Manya-The Princeton Review
  • Where it comes to the notice of Manya-The Princeton Review that the participating students have violated rule(s) thus gaining unfair advantage in the event or have won using fraudulent means, such participants shall forthwith be disqualified
  • Where the outcome of the event is the result of human error, intentional or otherwise or the result of a faulty mechanical device or the result of failures of any kind beyond the control of Manya-The Princeton Review, the latter reserves the right to terminate this contest or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as deemed appropriate
  • Manya - The Princeton Review reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions in exceptional circumstances
  • If any student has not provided the complete details in the answer sheet then, the application will be cancelled


Q1. What is the GRE Scholarship Test?

Ans: The GRE Scholarship Test aims to provide students with an opportunity to get scholarships for their study abroad dream. (*GRE® is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Manya and GRE Scholarship Test'17 are not affiliated with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), creators of the GRE® exam.)

Q2. Where and how can I register for the GRE Scholarship Test 2017?

Ans: Students can register online at https://www.manyagroup.com/gre_scholarship/

Q3. Can I take the GRE Scholarship Test 2017 online?

Ans: No, this is a paper and pen based test.

Q4. What will a student get in the GRE Scholarship Test 2017?

Ans: Students get the opportunity to win scholarships for GRE Test Prep offered by Manya-The Princeton Review. For the scholarship details please check with your respective center.

  • All rank holders will get a certificate
  • Every participating student will get a certificate of participation

Q5. When will the GRE Scholarship Test 2017 be held?

Ans: Please visit https://www.manyagroup.com/gre_scholarship/ to get the details or check with your nearest center.


GRE is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

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