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High Scores & Top Admits, Guaranteed.

In the face of a shifting work environment, international travel delays, increasing cost of higher education and the rise of virtual opportunities, there is an urgent need for inclusive guidance for students & professionals. An industry expert will help provide an informed view to the aspiring MS students to make a right decision about their academic and career goals.

The demand for masters degree has consistently remained high in the last decade. Completing Master’s degree with the desired specialisation gives you an extra edge in the professional field. The strong presence of our 47+ centers pan India, the expertise of our trainers & advisors, the robustness of our online delivery mechanism and depth of our product offerings is ensuring that we're all ready to assist every student in accomplishing his/her study abroad goal of getting into a top global university or college, because we all know that only "Aces Go Places".

Why GRE Prep with Manya - The Princeton Review

We deliver the GRE results that top global universities want. Manya’s promise of High Scores & Top Admits, Guaranteed is supported by 20+ years of enabling excellence in global education by coaching aspiring MS students to score high on the GRE and build a promising career.


Manya students scored 310+ in GRE


Average GRE score of Manya students in 2021


Percentile scored by Manya Trainers in the actual GRE test


Guaranteed score improvement starting from diagnostic test to actual GRE test

20+ Years of Study Abroad Expertise


Score Improvement Guarantee*

Customized Prep Journeys are guaranteed to improve scores. Choose what fits you! They all guarantee results


Quality Content & Delivery

The Princeton Review Edge. International content designed scientifically and delivered through a mentally stimulating Socratic pedagogy and proprietary strategies



The Princeton Review Trainer Certification is an industry benchmark for trainer certification. 100% of Manya’s trainers are Princeton Review Certified and have the top scores in the actual test


Cutting - Edge Technology

The Princeton Review Portal is AI-driven with practice tests mirroring the real GRE exam, Drills, in-depth coursework videos, and more to help you work smarter.

You Deserve the Best Personalized Program

GRE Classroom Training

It is a batch program that will solve the preparation problems of students from both Engineering and non-engineering backgrounds..It begins with foundation to fortify the basics and progressively moves towards strategies & practice to help you get the highest GRE scores.

GRE Quant Private Tutoring

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.

GRE Verbal Private Tutoring

Personalized 1 on 1 program that contains every critical element to improve your areas of focus and boost your strengths. Customized study plans, personalized reviews, and undivided trainer attention in the most personalized form for Guaranteed Score improvement.

GRE Blend - Self Paced with Teacher Access

A self-prep program for the self-starters that gives dual advantage of the highly advanced Princeton Review Student Portal with intensive practice resources and videos to master the unique high scoring test taking strategies, and the exclusive 8 hours of 1 on 1 doubt clearing sessions with the GRE Experts.

Manya - The Princeton Review
  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • End-to-end services portfolio includes career counselling, profiling, short-listing of colleges & universities, standardised test preparation, development of competitive applications, financial & scholarship counselling, interview preparation, visa counselling, and pre-departure orientation
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.
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Top GRE Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

GRE Score 340

I started my GRE prep with no clear vision of what the GRE exam entails or what is the timeline to prepare. My instructors and batchmates at Manya helped me a lot with figuring out my way to a good GRE score. WordsApp and Sample tests on the Manya online portal served not only as educational materials but also as guiding benchmarks to measure my progress along this journey. Ultimately, I was able to give my GRE exam within less than three months of starting the preparation and perform to the best of my capabilities to achieve this score.

GRE Score 330

I was the student for the GMAT classes in 2017. I am writing this message to thank Manya trainer, who taught me quant. The trainer had helped me out in pulling up my score, by constantly giving me challenging questions, helping in clearing my doubt and sharing a new approach to save time in tricky questions. I gave GMAT in 2017, but scored 49/51 in quant, I got busy with my professional life and gave a GRE after a long gap in May 2020 and I scored 330(Q170, V160).

GRE Score 327

Manya's diligent and erudite faculty is the key to cracking the GRE. The exam is all about time management and strategy employment which Manya trains you well at. Classes are really useful, especially for Verbal.

GRE Score 327

I'm happy with Manya Princeton Review's training because it helped me keep focused in between college's hectic schedule. The course is designed well and covers nearly all kinds of questions so nothing is really a surprise in the actual test. Membean and the practice tests were of great help. The trainers were extremely helpful and patient with my doubts and I'd like to thank them for their co-operation. Thank you!

GRE Score 326

I would like to sincerely thank my teachers at Princeton Review: for working with me consistently and helping me strengthen my test taking skills. The pedagogy and the class setting helped me immensely to understand the kind of mistakes that I was making, and focus particularly on the areas that I needed to strengthen.The quant trainer’s experience and attitude towards the recursive training in Math, with the help of portal drills, helped me master the Quantitative Reasoning subject and the verbal trainer’s tips and tricks gave me the skill to tackle most reading comprehension passages with ease. By setting up the right kind of challenges for me and pushing me, Princeton Review and my teachers have earned my gratitude.

GRE Score 326

I have come to understand that the easiest way to score 320+ on GRE is to blindly follow the instructions and short cuts taught a Manya. From helping me to avoid traps set by ETS in quant to giving an idea on how to improve vocabulary using root words, Manya has been an indispensable asset. The online portal has umpteen mock tests which helped boost my Confidence. Faculties are extremely supportive and approachable long after the classroom sessions are over. Thank you Manya!

Top MS Admits at Manya - The Princeton Review

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The faculty and my admissions advisor at Manya - The Princeton Review have provided me with the much required guidance and the correct profile based support for securing a successful admit. Right from my GRE & IELTS preparation to the various stages of the University Admissions process, it has been a great journey where I was being supported at each and every stage which enabled me to perform all the required procedures at the right time. All my queries, be it the small ones or the really important questions, were answered promptly and enabled me to have a clear & transparent admission process. A big thank you for all the support !!!

King's College London

Heartfelt thanks to the team of Manya - The Princeton Review who aided and guided me through with counseling and helping me choose the right path to my career. The assistance by the team is hands on, efficient and absolutely commendable. I would love to recommend anyone who wishes to study abroad to go through Manya.

University of California, Berkeley

It's been approximate 4 years, since I am associated with Manya - The Princeton Review. The best part was that even though the I have been associated for 4 years, the continued process of hand holding towards the goals was as just diligent as it was on day one. My counsellor, Ms. Priti Patel has been one of the most fundamental pieces to this puzzle called 'achieving your dream school'. My editor for all my application related documents - Ms. Priya Saini was more than just an academic figure, guiding me to visualise and pen down my dreams the best way possible. I wished to start my career from California in general and UC Berkeley in particular and all the people who contributed to this process were in sync with this dream.

University of Pennsylvania

I am extremely delighted to have taken GRE coaching at Manya - The Princeton Review. They helped me to achieve a score of 324 in a very less time. I also took Admission Consulting Services and with their help I could get admits into Upenn, CMU, and for that I am very thankful to them. I will highly recommended everyone to avail their services.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

I joined Manya - The Princeton Review in August and from then till now, the application process has been seamless. My advisor Viji Sanjay was very friendly and helped me in shortlisting the best of Universities. She was very responsive and cleared all my queries immediately. SOP and LOR editing was really commendable and I received them on time . They also gave us timely updates regarding the VISA appointments. Overall it was a great decision to choose MANYA. Thank you again for your guiding and assisting me in the entire process.

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