Go to College Abroad

Studying abroad is useful and interesting for several reasons.

First of all, it enhances your knowledge and leads to personal development. The intercultural experience helps in understanding yourself and your culture better in comparison to other people and cultures. Besides, your capability of adapting to new situations improves. Moreover, you get to learn about of other languages and cultures. Finally, the interaction with people from different backgrounds enhances your social coping skills.

An undergraduate education in the US is very different from that in India. While we help students get into all countries in the world, majority of the students apply to USA. The primary difference is that unlike India, universities in the US assume that you are still undecided on what career you wish to follow. In India, you have fixed pre-decided courses for every semester, but in the US; you need to choose the courses you wish to study. So, it is common to see undergraduate students in the US picking courses from various disciplines and subjects in their first two semesters.It gives them an idea about where their strengths lie before deciding in what subject they would want to major.

Last but not the least, studying abroad is a great and unforgettable experience! Your social network grows with the people you met during your stay and travels abroad. Manya Abroad’s Premium Admissions Counseling Services – ACS SAT are available for and meant for Under graduate applicants throughout the World.