GMAT Self Paced

Are you looking for GMAT self-study programs? And you’re also working on a demanding job that has the uncanny ability to usurp your every waking moment? Do you worry about how to do GMAT self-study or prepare for the GMAT efficiently? If this rings a bell, then be rest assured, you are not alone. With Manya Education’s GMAT self-paced program, students can learn time-tested strategies to achieve a top GMAT score while balancing work demands. With GMAT self-paced course students can discard their worries and start preparing for the GMAT whenever and wherever they have time. The course has been designed to support self-learning comprising basic to advance level concepts taught in a very engaging manner with drills between the concepts. All assessment items in this course come with detailed explanations, and our incisive score reports allow students to study their performance like never before.

GMAT Self-Paced Offerings:

10 full-length tests with a detailed score report and answers with explanation 100 adaptive videos based lesson by our experienced, engaging instructors Syllabus-wise/subject-wise practice drills 83 adaptive drills (3,000 questions), 91 quick review lessons

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Focussed Preparation

Focussed and structured prep. Well defined Pre and Post class learning areas

Need Based Prep Options

Learn what you are weak at through our customized learning solutions

Engaging Trainers

Certified trainers with subject expertise and classroom management skills

Advanced Learning Portal

Built using advanced technology; our portal has everything you need for a great score