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In the face of a shifting work environment, international travel road blocks, the ever increasing cost of higher education, and the rise of massive virtual open online opportunities reducing the cost of professional development, there is an urgent need for an inclusive discussion among key stakeholders to provide an informed view to the aspiring MBA students to take a right decision about their academic and career goals.

The demand for management degree holders has consistently remained high in the last decade. This has been further strengthened as per a recent survey conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Most of the aspiring management graduates pursue management education for career advancement, personal growth and better income. Let’s hear more from the heads of admission from top global universities and experts.

Why GMAT Prep with Manya - The Princeton Review

We deliver the GMAT results that top business schools want. It's all about 20+ years of expertise in coaching aspiring management graduates to score high on the GMAT and build a global career.


Manya Students scored 700+ in GMAT in 2021


Average GMAT score of Manya students in 2021 as compared to national Indian average of 603


Percentile & above scored by Manya Trainers in the actual GMAT test


Guaranteed score improvement starting from diagnostic test to actual GMAT test

20+ Years of Study Abroad Expertise


Score Improvement Guarantee*

Customized Prep Journeys are guaranteed to improve scores up to 250 points. Choose what fits you! They all guarantee results


Quality Content & Delivery

The Princeton Review Edge. International content designed scientifically and delivered through a mentally stimulating Socratic pedagogy and proprietary strategies



The Princeton Review Trainer Certification is an industry benchmark for trainer certification. 100% of Manya’s trainers are Princeton Review Certified and have the top scores in the actual test


Cutting - Edge Technology

The Princeton Review Portal is AI-driven with practice tests mirroring the real GMAT exam, Smart DrillBuilder, in-depth Coursework videos, and more to help you work smarter

You Deserve the Best Personalized Program

GMAT Classroom Training

A 72-hour, scientifically designed, top-quality program for young professionals and college-goers.

GMAT Blend - Self Paced with Teacher Access

It is a self-paced program designed for young professionals who are self-reliant and single minded with a goal for excel in their career.

GMAT Private Tutoring

A 15 hours 1-on-1 personalized, customized, and flexible program designed for anyone who is looking for individual attention.

The Value of GMAT

As per a recent study done by GMAC, more than 90% of management graduates rated the value of their business education experience favorably. Over 85% concluded that their investment in an MBA had a positive return. Two-thirds or more agreed that business education provided greater job security and adequate income to support their desired lifestyle, prepared them for their chosen career and working in culturally diverse organizations.

Manya - The Princeton Review
  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • End-to-end services portfolio includes career counselling, profiling, short-listing of colleges & universities, standardised test preparation, development of competitive applications, financial & scholarship counselling, interview preparation, visa counselling, and pre-departure orientation
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.
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A little progress each day adds up to big results...

Top GMAT Scorers at Manya - The Princeton Review

GMAT Score 770

The trainers at Manya are experienced, helpful & well versed in the basics & techniques required for a good GMAT score. There are 10 practice tests available to the students and a variety of customisable drills for practicing. The practice tests have the same layout as the actual GMAT exam & are almost similar in difficulty level as well. There are booster classes at the end of the course which are provided to students clearing a certain eligibility criterion. I got 770 in my first attempt because of the unerring support. I will happily recommend Manya to anyone looking to prepare for the GMAT.

GMAT Score 770

The course at Manya has a lot of practical content and productive weekly interactive classes, & the tutors are very supportive.. They were extremely helpful in assisting me in developing strategies & I saw a significant increase in my score as a result. The student portal includes 10 full-length practice tests as well as carefully curated materials. This aided me in achieving my highest GMAT score.

GMAT Score 770

After dropping IIM with an ambition to join a greater B-school would never have been fulfilled without a great GMAT score of 760. Choosing Manya - Princeton review is one of the right decisions I’ve made on this journey. Improving by close to 100 points, I’ll always be grateful to the teachers. Tons of suggestions, & mock tests with detailed analysis. All these efforts paid off when I got admit from ISB and DUKE. Thank you teachers & Manya - Princeton Review.

GMAT Score 760

I was very apprehensive about attempting the GMAT. The exam pattern was also something I was not used to. However, after attending classes from Manya – The Princeton Review, Anna Nagar branch, I gradually gained confidence. The trainers helped me understand the basic concepts. I am very much grateful to my booster session trainers who gave me individual reviews of each practice test I took. The online portal has a large number of questions that resemble the original GMAT pattern & provide good practice. It is definitely because of the experienced trainers that helped me to achieve such a high score of 760. I would definitely recommend Manya – The Princeton Review for those preparing to attempt GMAT.

GMAT Score 760

My journey started with knowing little to nothing about the GMAT but ended with me scoring a 760 in the first attempt. During this time, the staff at Manya – The Princeton Review helped me understand what the GMAT actually was, how it was different from other standardized tests & the approach one needed to take to score well. Like everyone, I too wanted to have an idea of where I stood before I gave the actual test. I used the practice tests from the GMAT website as well as those offered by Manya to get that idea. The study resources, performance analysis and timely motivation and advice provided by Manya – The Princeton Review helped me achieve a good score.

GMAT Score 740

Manya - The Princeton Review has helped me reach my goal. It was in Dec 2020 that I decided to join Manya – The Princeton Review & realised that there were so many tips & tricks that I had no idea about & I got 740. The online 1:1 classes & the additional booster sessions helped me strengthen my basics. Additionally, the mock-up review helped me understand my weak areas and work on them. I would like to thank the teachers who ensured that I understood the concepts & were deeply involved in my progress.

GMAT Score 740

My experience with GMAT preparation at Manya - The Princeton Review was great. The teachers are very experienced, the online portal contains 10 practice tests & a lot of topic-wise drills for practice, which makes it easy to customize our preparation according to our preferences. The classes taught us a lot of techniques & the booster sessions were especially helpful as they helped with difficult questions. Overall, it really helped me improve my score to 740 & I would recommend preparation from Manya - The Princeton Review to everyone.

GMAT Score 730

Manya - Princeton Review provided me with the knowledge necessary to achieve my target score & I am grateful that I chose it. The teachers were extremely approachable throughout my preparation period. They frequently inquired about my progress & which helped me stay motivated. Besides that, they were always available on call or text, ready to clear any doubts I had.

GMAT Score 710

I got 710 on GMAT. My GMAT preparation at Manya - The Princeton Review was an amazing journey. I started my offline classes at the SouthEx-center. The techniques that I learned through the course and the booster sessions were extremely helpful in solving even the most complex problems. Discussing test-taking strategies along with continuous test analysis with my teachers turned out to be very useful. The guidance given by my teachers was very motivating. I highly recommend Manya – The Princeton Review for GMAT preparation.

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