GMAT Books

Studying from books has its own advantages and one of them is easy access to practice books that allow us to mimic the working of the notepad handed out on test day. Books are popular for GMAT preparation, and Manya-The Princeton Review, recognizes this important factor.

The GMAT Official Guides

Undoubtedly the best books for practice – a majority of GMAT test takers can vouch for this. Coming from the creators of the test, the GMAT official Guide 15th edition delivers 900 real GMAT questions and answer explanations, and a 100 question diagnostic exam to fortify GMAT preparation. The exclusive video that comes along with the book has study tips and test taking strategies by the creators of the test. The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2015 along with the Official Guide Quantitative Review 2015, builds a strong foundation of the verbal and math skills that are essential for success on the GMAT.

This set of official books is one the top recommendations for GMAT books by Manya-The Princeton Review for effective GMAT preparation.

The Princeton Review, USA publications

The Princeton Review, USA is well known for extensive research in the area of US standardized tests. There are about 25 books on the GMAT itself; all authored by the Princeton Review USA. Some of the widely recommended books are:

  • Crash Course for the GMAT 4th edition
  • Math Workout for the GMAT,4th edition
  • Verbal Workout for the GMAT , 4th edition
  • Cracking the GMAT with 2 Computer Adaptive Practice tests-2016 edition
  • 1037 Practice Questions for the New GMAT, 2nd edition

Manya-The Princeton Review Course Material:

  • The Princeton Review In-class Manual for the GMAT: Only available to students enrolled for any of our course variants, the manual covers exclusive time-tested strategies and techniques to ace the GMAT. The manual is a well researched compilation of questions with an emphasis on unique strategies that are required for the GMAT.
  • The Princeton Review GMAT Quantitative Review for the GMAT: A one-stop resource for the basic math formulae and fundamental Math that are learnt in school, but are forgotten as one grows older. The book also prepares students to come better equipped to the classroom sessions.
  • The Princeton Review Verbal Review for the GMAT: Contains the basics required for the verbal section ranging from grammar rules that are often tested on the GMAT to the components of critical reasoning arguments and the ways to deal with these arguments. One of the highlights of this book are chapters on how to approach to reading difficult passages on the GMAT and the strategy required to tackle the apparently difficult questions that follow the passages.
  • Supplement to the GMAT manual: A well-researched compilation of tough Verbal and Math content specially designed for Indian students. Provides additional questions for workshops and drills throughout the course. The supplement complete the entire suite of GMAT books that is issued to our enrolled students.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, as a wise man once said. A good plan for a GMAT aspirant would be to start by visiting the GMAT official website and getting acquainted with the two official GMAT tests that are available on the site. Take one of these tests and see how you fare in real test taking conditions. Next sign up for classroom tutoring and work with an expert teacher who will review your tests and offer the support that would help you to propel your score forward. At Manya –The Princeton Review, classroom sessions are conducted at convenient time slots, so attending these sessions will not disturb your work schedule. No matter how you prepare for the GMAT – rigorous hard work and practice is a must.


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