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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to and efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. Quotes Bill Gates. True to Bill Gates quote, Manya is one of the Tech friendly firms I have encountered in my professional life as a Engineer and manager. Right from the Illuminate sessions for training staff, the Intra- portal for designs of posters, promotion content, etc and the e -learning portals of the Manya website, it is very Tech friendly and in sync with today's Technology world. The aggressive promotions, monthly assessments, Teacher Training programs, Sales Training, ERP training, etc makes Manya group stand out from the numerous competitors in the market. Thanks for the support of the regional staff at Chennai, our branch Tambaram continues to perform well above expectations and beats every Target set up by HQ. Kudos to the local team. HQ is very professional and lends a helping hand when required especially when it comes to Admissions Counseling for students and major policy decisions like Pricing. The policies are very clear and articulated to our team from time to time. It is a pleasure to be associated with the No.1 Brand in the country and look forward for a long relationship with the Manya group.
R. Bhaskar

We decided to partner with Manya primarily due to the professionalism and 'big picture' approach it brings into an industry which is hitherto populated with players who lack the same. Over the years while working with them, our confidence in their management stands vindicated, through a perfect balance of 'Think Global, Act Local' that is practiced here. Despite a strong brand and its closely-guarded linkages on the education front, which include superior study material and coaching techniques, Manya allows a reasonable level of freedom for implementation at the local level, which allows creativity and ownership to flourish. We look forward to continued growth on the business front as well as a long association with Manya and The Princeton Review family going ahead.
Mukesh Mangalik

It is a privilege to be associated with Manya group. Right from the first time when we approached the Head Quarters with a Franchise proposal in Chennai, I was quite impressed with the professionalism shown by the executives of Manya group. The procedure of selection of Franchisee is very good and the system of asking for references about the franchise promoter, asking the promoter to do a market survey of competitors, survey of education institutions and interview session with the senior staff helped us understand the potential business in our region. The training for staff is impeccable and it stands out from the numerous brands in the Education Industry. The Regional Manager and trainers comes in for regular assessment of the marketing and Training staff. The HQ is very professional and sends Trainers to train our staff and the system of Video Conferencing training and info sessions are quite frequent and helps us train new staff. The website and ERP system is very Tech friendly and allows us maximize returns and productivity. New Product Development is good and several new products like CRT ( Campus Recruitment Training) has helped us minimize the risks of the seasonality of products like GRE and GMAT. We wish the Manya group all the best on its 10th Birthday on behalf of our Velachery, Chennai branch and Coimbatore branch.
Gigeo Sakkaryas

It has been an exciting journey with The Princeton Review-Manya Education Pvt Ltd. Since the time we have taken over as the Lincensee at Gurgaon terriotory. The Franchising support and the processes has been par excellence and I am proud to have been associated with the organization and shall look forward to many more great years in future.
Abhishek Gupta

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