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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives

At MEPL, we take the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. In addition to helping our clients achieve their dreams of international education, we also look towards our immediate surroundings to try to utilize the resources and talent at Manya for social good. We believe that our success immensely depends on the society that we live and thrive in and we, therefore, give back to our stakeholders at all levels. We realize that we can make a positive difference in the communities that we work and grow with, and we use our resources and capabilities to that end.

Making the Indian tribal child literate

We support our NGO partner – The Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) in its effort to eradicate illiteracy in rural and tribal India. FTS is a movement of teachers, voluntary workers, field organizations, and support agencies spread all over India. With a tremendous human workforce, FTS strives to create a network of non-formal schools to educate and empower children in rural and tribal India.

Caring for the environment

It is our objective to create and share values making the employees and the management team stakeholders in social and environmental initiatives taken by the company.  These include:

  • Spreading awareness and motivating employees by sending environmental related mailers


  • Spreading the awareness against pollution by distributing posters


  • Initiatives have been taken to make the office environment healthy such as
    • Eco- friendly- removal of plastic trash bags
    • Minimising the usage of papers
    • Using recycled papers for the printing


  • Segregation of e-waste collected from employees and office scraps to be dispatched to the e-waste recyclers.


  • Plan to deter employees from the usage of plastic thus mitigating pollution


  • Development of a module for the segregation of different types of wastes such as e-waste, paper waste, plastic waste, wet waste and ensuring recycling of the same


  • Introduced air purifier plants to improve the surroundings of the office and promote the well-being of employees


Eye and Blood Donation

Manya organizes eye donation camps in association with the Rotary Regency and Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI). We also set up blood donation camps, where we encourage our employees to ‘give’ and save as well as enrich lives.

Manya the Employer

We at Manya provide employees opportunities for learning and evolving as individuals which is aligned to our work ethic emphasizing Saraswati (The goddess of knowledge) is more valued than Lakshmi (The goddess of wealth). To facilitate the learning, we have created an effective learning platform (LMS) which offers varied learning and certification opportunities to our employees encouraging them to find a comfort level during initial three months of joining. Programs such as SIT (Stay in Touch) and Smanvay (Confluence of Sanskar, Vichaar, Vyahvaar, and Aachaar) ensure hiring, induction and onboarding process is an enjoyable experience to new inductees.

To create an integrated and sustainable learning environment, multiple social events are arranged. The objective is to have a forum which besides fostering learning also facilitates positive interaction between teams both cross-functional and pan-India.

Manya actively promotes ‘We not I ‘culture. To create supportive structure numerous ways are practiced.

  • Employees have the option of choosing flexible work hours to suit their individual lifestyle to accomplish a work-life balance
  • New ideas and amendments in existing policies are welcomed
  • Recreational activities such as yoga, meditation along with Saraswati Puja are practiced every Friday


Life at Manya

The essence of Manya is we understand the importance of maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. To this end, we offer our employees an energetic and healthy work environment focusing on performance improvement and boosting employee morale.

We believe challenging personal and family circumstances should not limit an employee’s productivity and growth. Hence, we are open to flexible working arrangements. These options include:

  • Part-time work
  • Short leave
  • Birthday Leave/Wedding Anniversary Leave /Work Anniversary

A lot of our professionals choose flexible work schedule, ensuring they spend quality time with their families, fulfill a family commitment or pursue personal aspirations. Furthermore, to expedite the ease of work we have automated all our process through Peopleworks (HR), Navision(Business), and Sutradhar(Admission).

Manya Culture

We strongly believe in nurturing individual talent ensuring our employees grow personally and professionally. Our emphasis on employees as valuable resources is showcased through several initiatives such as Insta recognition – appreciation card, awards on a quarterly and annual basis.

Management Groups and Employee Engagement Survey(EES)

We have an effective, proactive forward-thinking management team. These include MMG (Manya Management Group), MLT (Manya Leadership Team), FLT (Functional Leadership Team) and RLT (Regional Leadership Team). The objective of these groups is to understand, and address matters relating to various functions and also enhance cross-functional engagement within the organization.

Several initiatives have been launched based on the feedback received during the Group Meeting and EES.


In recognition of shifting workplace demographics, we are committed to diversity. To create a synergistic environment 50% of our employees are female. This reflects our dedication to business values, fair play practices and appreciation of different perspective.

Our policies aim to strengthen team dynamics by creating a more compelling work environment and capitalizing on the spectrum of women employees in various leadership roles.