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What is the best way to prepare for GMAT?

Good-ScoreWith effect from 11th July 2017 an additional facility provided by GMAC adds one more parameter to the “approach” to the GMAT: Now the students can select the order in which they want to answer the sections. With the implementation of this additional facility now, the students have four options to choose from.

As regards the best way to prepare for the GMAT, there are two aspects to it. One is a student’s approach to preparing for the GMAT and the other is their approach towards taking the Test.

If a student is preparing for the GMAT, then he/she should start preparing by taking a diagnostic test. By taking a diagnostic test they will come to know the key areas where they need to focus while preparing for the GMAT. Further, they must use authentic study material, learn good techniques and strategies, and have enough practice, GMAT-Scoretaking full-length tests periodically.

While preparing for GMAT, the most important thing is to know how the test is scored. A student must know the implications of the test being a “computer adaptive test”. There are three very important points relating to it:

1.     Initial questions are more important than the later ones. Therefore, try to get most of the initial questions right.
2.     Don’t skip a question or go back to a question which is already answered. Therefore, know how to guess wisely.
3.     The penalty for leaving questions unanswered is severe. Therefore, completing the test is a must.

All-the-bestComing back to the option to choose the sectional order on the Test, find out which option works best and go for it.

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