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What is a good GMAT score?


Are you planning to get into a top MBA program? Do you know which score is considered as a good GMAT score? Your GMAT score is the most important element of your application. To achieve a good GMAT score first you need to find out what is actually a good GMAT score? Let us help you find out.

Usually, a score above 700 is considered to be a good score, however; your good score depends on which University you are applying to. There is no such good or a bad score, sometimes even an 800+ score is not sufficient for admitting you in a college of your choice and sometimes a 700+ is enough to get your preferred college. So, we can say that a good GMAT score is the one which gets you into the business school of your choice.

Each business school is different and has a different expectation when it comes to your GMAT score. Now the question comes that what is said to be a good GMAT score for you? So, in order to identify the best GMAT score for you first you need to identify the school, the college you want to get in. As we have already discussed that each B- schools accept a different GMAT score, therefore, checking the expected score for a school is a must. Here are the three steps to be followed before determining your desired score for the GMAT:

1.     Target-SchoolIdentify your target school

Do research and try finding out the schools having programs you are interested in. This will help you to make a list of the business schools you are planning to apply.

2.    Application-reuirements Check out the program’s application requirements

To check the application requirements of the program you are applying to you need to log into the website to figure out the application process and requirements

3.     Identify the average GMAT score of recently admitted class

score-iconYou can check average GMAT score of the recently joined students on the official website of the B-school you are applying to. It will make you know the business school better.

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