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What Type of Questions are asked in GRE? – Part I

Understanding the question types in any exam will help you to crack the test in a better manner. In this section let us know the question types of Quantitative Reasoning in GRE. The Quantitative reasoning sections have four types of questions:

  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions – Select One Answer Choice
  • Multiple Choice Questions – Select One or More Answer Choice(s)
  • Numeric Entry Questions

Let us know more about each of the question types in detail.

Quantitative Comparison Questions

GRE-QuantativeIn this question type, you are asked to compare two quantities A and B and select one of the four answer choices.

Answer choices are fixed and are always in the same order as given below:

a) Quantity A is greater
b) Quantity B is greater
c) The quantities are equal
d) The relationship cannot be determined from the information givenLet us solve a couple of examples to know more.

Let us solve a couple of examples to know more.

Example 1:





In this question, we are asked to compare the values of ‘f’ and ‘h’. Since the Quantities have variables it is better to assign a value and compare.

Suppose we say h=6 and g=2 then f = 3.
Now that the Quantity B is greater, can it be considered that B is the answer? No!
We should actually eliminate answer choices A and C.

Let us assign another set of values to the variables to confirm our answer. Say h=3 and g=1, then f=3. Since both the Quantities have now become equal, answer choice B gets eliminated. Hence D is the correct answer as the relationship cannot be determined.

Example 2:



This question is asking to compare the two expressions which involve one variable.  Though assigning values to the variable is a good idea, let’s try expanding the expression and understand it better.

Quantity A can be rewritten as


Now we can actually compare and say Quantity A is always greater than Quantity B.


Taking An ExamMultiple Choice Questions- Select One Answer Choice

In this question type, you are asked to solve the problem and pick one answer among the five answer choices.Here are few examples.

Example 1:
What is the area of the square base of a cube that has a volume of 64?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 8
d) 16
e) 96






Example 2:

If the cost of 1 hat and 2 scarves is $23 and the cost of 2 hats and 1 scarf is $19, then what is the cost of one hat and one scarf?
a) 5
b) 9
c) 14
d) 16
e) 42

Let the cost of one hat be $H and the cost of one scarf be $S.

Let us write the given information in the form of equations.
H + 2S = 23 ——- (1)
2H + S = 19 ——- (2)
We need to solve for H + S and not the individual costs.

Adding both the equations we get
3H + 3S = 42

Dividing both the sides of the above equation by 3 we get
H + S = 14.

Hence C is the correct answer.

You will see the other two question types in the next blog.


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