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Top 3 Mistakes to avoid during your GMAT Preparation

By most expert suggestion, the GMAT Preparation needs approximately about 90 days (3 months) to complete and for most students it is a lot of time. It will help if the time is spent effectively and not a moment is wasted because of avoidable mistakes, some of which are:

Not tracking mistakes: You will get better at your mistakes if you keep a track on them. Make it a point to keep an Learningerror log with every mistake you have made till date and use it to understand mistakes that you might have repeated over the time and find out how you can keep them under control. The most effectual way of doing things is to rotate concepts on a weekly basis, choosing three big weak areas to systematically address each week. With a month left, it’s time to kick your study up a notch. You should take one complete practice test a week, using it to build stamina and work on your pacing. Still struggling to finish the Quant section? Work on identifying which types of questions are slowing you down.

mistakes-1Taking too long to prepare: The brain takes a time to nail the concepts, and if you require a substantial amount of time lapse since reviewing a subject, you may have to start again from the beginning when you open your books a few weeks later. So, once you start studying for the GMAT, adhere to a regular schedule. This could be only half an hour each evening, or an hour on Wednesdays and Saturdays, try to get into a cycle because irregular study simply helps nobody.

Putting off things till the last moment: Another mistake to avoid during your GMAT Preparation is to begin studying a month before your exam date. Most students require four to six months of preparation to reach their full potential; if they want their score to reflect their abilities! Students should not put off GMAT studies to the last minute, as this could negatively affect their admission decisions.



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