The GMAT Study Guide: Maximize Your GMAT Score

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a key to unlock one of the admission formalities at B-Schools. It is a common academic requirement to study in the hall of the most prominent business college or university in India as well as overseas. However, most of the students are clueless about how and where to start when it comes to GMAT preparation. In order to crack the GMAT exam and receive a good score, you need to have a proper prep plan in place.

This blog will help you plan and GMAT preparation. It contains all the ingredients that are required to understand

Best GMAT study guide to ace the exam

1. Know What The Gmat Tests You On

Start by getting yourself familiar with the test. Know the structure of the test along with the time allotted for each section. The next important step is to take a diagnostic test to establish your baseline scoring level. The scores on the diagnostic test will help you know where you stand presently, what your areas of strength and focus are, what kind of guidance you will require, and how to plan your study.


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2. Plan Your Work & Work The Plan

It is crucial to plan your work. Use a calendar to set up a schedule showing what you will accomplish each day. Consider simulating the actual GMAT testing environment by using a timer. Set goals for each of your practice tests, but be realistic. Set a goal to improve by at least 30-40 points after every test. But remember, the closer you will get to 700, the harder it will be to see big changes. Most importantly, stick to your Plan.

3. Focused and Guided Practice

In order to improve your GMAT score, a focused study is crucial. It is essential to frame a routine, get a detailed study plan, and stick to the plan. Do the following and half of the game will be won.

  • Prepare a schedule that would stretch over 2-3 months, even 5-6 months if need be.
  • Don’t cram. Plan to spend at least an hour or so every day.
  • The schedule should have specific goals, such as work on geometry problems and practice assumption questions.
  • Consistency is the key. Stick to the schedule as much as possible.

4. Avoid Common Mistakes

Most of us keep practicing without learning from our mistakes. It is important to keep an error log for all your mistakes. It is a sheer wastage of time to move on without learning from your mistake and as I said earlier — time is everything. Note down your mistakes in each section, go through them regularly, learn from them, and learn to avoid them. Eventually, you will start seeing consistent improvement in your scores.

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5. Overcome your Weaknesses

Don’t be afraid of your weak areas. Guided and consistent practice is all you need to overcome your weaknesses. If you are weak in Reading Comprehension (RC), learn the basic strategy to crack RC questions, practice without timer initially, and then start practicing with a timer. You will become comfortable with them eventually. If you want to ace the GMAT, you cannot leave any question type.

6. Pacing

Pacing is of paramount importance on the GMAT. Ticking of the clock has its own way of infecting the mind. Start slowly and carefully on the test. Eliminate careless mistakes. Gradually pick up speed so that you can finish the section. Pacing is the key. Don’t waste time on killer questions. Guess and move on.

7. Use the Best of the Materials

Use only those materials that simulate GMAT in format, tone, and content. Use materials that include adaptive timed tests. Make Official GMAT Prep material, the GMAC Official Guide, and The Princeton Review materials a part of your practice and study material as these are the most authentic standardized materials available for your test prep.

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  1. The rules of the GMAT exam are equally as important as the preparation. For example, penalty for questions left unanswered at the end of any section. Therefore, all attempts + slightly lesser accuracy proves to be much better than fewer attempts + more accuracy.

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