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Study Tips for GMAT Preparation

Sometimes a GMAT-Preparationmonths of preparation that you do for your GMAT is not enough to get a 750+ score. To solve the questions asked on the test you need to make a few mistakes; so that you can be prepared to achieve your targeted score. Hard work is the key to success so, don’t forget to work hard! Here are few GMAT preparation tips:

GMAT, the test is considered as a standardized test that rewards you on smart shortcuts and analytical thinking. The questions asked on the GMAT are a simulation of decisions taken in a business environment incentivizing approximations and eliminations. As been already discussed, making mistakes is a step forward to learning, therefore; here are few techniques that can help you to cut down those silly errors:

Skill of eliminating

If you want to develop the skill of eliminating options then it is suggested to spend as much time developing the tangential skills. In using the process of elimination you might be able to eliminate all odd or even options and for some, you may strike out everything that is not an integer.

Estimating your answer

Always estimate your answer and try to find out the ballpark in which your answer should land. Having the skill of approximation is good as it saves your time and helps to avoid making mistakes to get a solution. You need to do some mental math exercises to reach the answer in less time.

process-of-elimination1Reading with speed & accuracy

Reading with speed on the GMAT is necessary but it has to be done with accuracy. Understanding should not be compromised in the slightest. The best technique to increase speed on the test is to increase your speed in every small step which you take to solve the questions asked on the GMAT.

Improving on diagrams & flowcharts

The GMAT test you more on your logical skills, therefore, it is vital to keep track of the information and should use information maps and flow charts to get the correct answer.

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