Should you retake the GMAT Exam?


If you want to get into a top B-School, well written MBA application essays, a good GMAT score, and a unique experience profile can set your application apart. Though a great GMAT score is not the only factor in your B-School application, it does play an important role.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to retake the GMAT if you have scored less or if your B-School asks you to do so. People who scored 600 or less in their first attempt usually see the maximum improvement in their scores when they retake the GMAT exam. If you have scored higher than 600 in your first attempt, strategic and focused efforts would be needed for significant score improvement. If you decide to retake the test, here are some strategies that you can use to get your dream score.

Analyze what went wrong

Identify what went wrong in your GMAT prep for the previous attempt

If there were any concepts or question types that you had missed earlier, work to fill in the knowledge gaps. If you had prepared for the GMAT in an unorganized way earlier, using a structured and standardized GMAT online prep course will help you streamline your learning. The Manya GMAT online prep course provides training in an incremental fashion that will boost your final score.

Identify what went wrong on the day of the exam

Ask yourself if you were able to apply the concepts and techniques in the actual exam. At any point during the GMAT exam did you get nervous or lose focus? Better preparation and practicing relaxation techniques like focused breathing can help you overcome avoidable issues on the day of the exam.

Identify your weaknesses based on your score

Analyze where you did poorly – was it on one particular section of the GMAT exam or did you do poorly in more than one section? If you decide to buy the ESR from GMAC, use the sectional and subsectional scores to identify the areas where you did poorly. The ESR also provides details such as the time spent on each question type and the accuracy levels for different parts of the exam. Analyzing these details from the ESR can help you make focused efforts to get the maximum score improvement.

The Manya GMAT online training is provided by expert and experienced GMAT trainers who can work with you to analyze your performance and also guide your efforts towards score improvement.

Make a plan

Depending on the score improvement you are working towards, be realistic about the amount of effort needed. Allocate the time that you have for prep among the various sections such as Quant, Verbal, IR, and AWA. Devote the majority of your prep time on the section which would have the maximum effect on your score.

Ensure that you make time for full-length practice tests. Taking full-length practice tests will help you replicate exam conditions and also track your progress. If you used a data-driven GMAT prep course, the data analytics provided by the course can help you focus your efforts for maximum score improvement. Manya GMAT online prep provides an in-depth analysis of your performance, both for practice drills and full-length tests. This will help you make focused efforts to reach your target score faster.

Practice and review

Any questions you practice should be reviewed immediately. While reviewing, identify the errors that you keep repeating and work to understand the reasons you keep repeating them. Manya GMAT online prep has interactive score reports that provide an in-depth analysis of your practice. Reviewing the practice questions will also help you understand the pattern of the questions and identify the pattern of incorrect answers quickly.

When you take full-length tests – always take them timed. Attempt all the parts of the GMAT exam including the analytical writing and integrated reasoning sections. Try changing the order in which you attempt sections and decide which order works best for you.

Work on your pacing during the practice. Identify concepts and questions that are your strengths. Practice doing them faster. Make note of any errors that you commit when you attempt to answer questions faster. Be aware of questions that always slow you down and work to reduce the time you spend on them.

Stay focused

Stay focused on the larger picture – always remember the reason you are taking the GMAT exam. Take the help of your loved ones to stay motivated about your GMAT exam prep. Remember to eat healthily, sleep well, and exercise regularly.

A great GMAT score is always relevant irrespective of the number of attempts. Work smartly and reach your target GMAT score!

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