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Seven Ways to Increase Your GRE Score

Capitalize on your strengths

Some of you may be good at verbal, while some of you may be good at math. self-icon1-150x150 (1)Focus on your strengths, and try to increase your score in that particular section where you are strong. Knowing what you are best at and focusing more on that area can increase your chances of getting a good score on the GRE. For example, if you are good at math it would be easy for you to increase your score from 165 to 170, and if you are good at verbal then, improving your score from 160 to 165 should not be that difficult for you.

icon-student-1Do not neglect the section in which you are not so strong 

Capitalizing on your strengths is important, but do not give up on the areas where you are not as good. A few techniques and strategies can do wonders. Learn a few; a score increase of even a few points may make a big difference in your percentile ranking for that section.

seo-iconFocus on the subject area as required for the course of your choice

Focus on your GRE subjects, viz. Quantitative and Verbal, in the context of your intended course of study. For example, if you intend to study IT, the universities are likely to be more interested in your quant score, but if you want to study Journalism, they will, most likely, be more interested in your verbal and AWA scores. Therefore, focus on the GRE areas to which universities are likely to pay more attention. 

Subject knowledge and test taking skill- pay attention to both                                                         AC-Icon2

When you prepare for the GRE, both subject knowledge and test-taking skills are equally important. Consider the verbal section. While preparing for Verbal Reasoning, you will have to learn words, but that alone is not enough. You must also learn effective techniques to answer sentence equivalence and text completion questions. The same is true for math. You may know how to solve percentage questions, but it is equally important to know techniques that will help you solve the questions faster.

Know the Test

By ‘”knowing the test” we mean that you should know the content of the GRE exam, the question types, and the test structure; you should also know how the test is scored. Knowing all these will help you improve your score on the GRE.

icon-weiterbildung2Use authentic study material for practice

The proliferation of practice material on the internet has led to a problem of plenty. The problem is that the material that you find on the net may not all be authentic. Thus it is important that you carefully choose proper study material for practice.

Practice a lot      Match-250x250

Lastly, it is all about practice. The more you practice, the better your score. In order to increase your score on the GRE, solve online drills and take computer-based tests that are adaptive by section. More importantly, review the drills and the tests. Practice, Review, Practice more, Review again; Lather, Rinse, Repeat. That’s the mantra.


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