Nitty-gritty You Must Know to Score Well on the New SAT

Planning to take the SAT?

The word S-A-T often creates anxiety in the minds of students due to its unpredictability. One more time it has come up with a revised version. If you are planning to take the SAT for the first time or just want to take it again to improve your scores, you need a complete understanding of its revised structure.

The New SAT gives you a chance to guess on the questions asked; it wasn’t so on the old SAT, which had negative marking for wrong answers. Now you lose nothing by guessing when you do not know how to answer a question, as there is no deduction of marks if your guess is wrong.


You no longer have to memorize obscure words, as there are no Sentence Completion questions anymore.

Further, the Essay is now optional.

Let’s have a quick look at the changes from the old SAT to the New SAT.


By now, hopefully, you may have an idea of how different the New SAT is from the old one.

If you are good at Math, then you surely have an advantage, but if Math is not your zone of comfort, the New SAT may appear harder. On the other hand, if your reading skills are great, the Evidence Based-Reading and Writing Section may not be as challenging to you as to someone uninitiated into reading the dense text.

Here are a few tips for the New SAT


  • Answer every question on the SAT. There’s no negative marking; take advantage of it.
  • Develop reading skills for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and also for Math
  • Although there will be less emphasis on vocabulary, continue learning new words.
  • Use Process of Elimination to get closer to the right answer.
  • Don’t spend too much time on killer questions. Eliminate options that are clearly wrong, and guess among what remains. Come back to the questions if you have time.
  • Focus more on mathematical concepts rather than on solving problems mechanically.
  • Take the SAT with the Essay: you are not allowed to take the Essay alone if you need the Essay scores at a later date.
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