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MBA in India vs. MBA Abroad- A Common Dilemma!

Balancing the AccountsMBA has now become the ultimate trump card when it comes to building a lucrative career ahead. One such dilemma that has attracted attention and intrigue of MBA aspirants has been the “MBA in India” v/s “MBA Abroad”. The prime reason behind studying abroad is their prestigious universities and more favorable programs. The overseas universities have better facilities with more favorable culture of research.

Quality of Education

In the last decade top B schools have upgraded their syllabus, curriculum as well as teaching methodology.  Indian Quality-EducationBusiness schools like IIM’s rank 50th in the world ranking for MBA. Indian business schools do not have campus facilities which are at par with foreign B schools.

Internship Experience

Interns in Indian Business markets are taken as free labour rather than “Future Business Developers” in International Market. Better profiles are offered for internships increasing the scope of better job prospects and pay packages. Indian businesses have a tendency to treat MBA as a stamp of skills, expertise and intelligence therefore, MBA degree holders from abroad are well paid in abroad.

Other Benefits of pursuing MBA abroad

•    Variety of specialization available abroad
•    Flexible Curriculum
•    More hands on Experience
•    Diversity in class
•    Personal Growth
•    Chance to gain valuable life skills
•    Improved leadership skills
•    Better career prospects
•    Hands on learning experience
•    Diverse culture and rich work experience
•    Earn while you learn


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