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The admissions consulting experts at Manya – The Princeton Review assert that their mission is not just limited to sending aspirants to their dream universities; enabling students to build their profile in order to maximise their chances of obtaining admission in the finest institutions across the world is an equally integral priority. Hence, the experts have been efficaciously networking with the most reputable universities across the world in collaboration with an interactive education platform, to launch an array of Exclusive International Mentorship Programmes, which could end up being the most captivating work experience in an applicant’s profile.

Manya brings to you interactive, online communication platforms to combine the most prominent professors/scholars etc. from the top universities in the US and UK, enabling students to learn in a remote learning environment.


  • You can explore and gain, at a much preliminary stage, great insights about specific disciplines
  • You could become familiar with the college-level curriculum and research methods
  • Proper involvement and a great performance could fetch you future research opportunities
  • There will be a two-stage evaluation done by the mentor, once at mid-point level and then at the final stage

Success Stories

  • Our previous students have secured admission in the most premium institutes such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Dartmouth, Chicago, Brown, LSE, KCL, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Swarthmore, Notre-Dame, UIUC and NYU
  • The distinguished team constitutes of 50+ experts from the top US and UK universities

The mentorship plans are diverse, depending on the nature of the programme, students as well as the mentor(s).

You could opt for any of the following:

  • Internship –You could work as a collaborator on an ongoing project of the mentor
  • Research Project – You could envisage it individually or in association with your mentor
  • Report –You could write reports under the guidance of your supervisor and could send the same for publication through the university or as an individual attempt
  • Deeper learning– You could simply augment your knowledge and acquire enhanced expertise by gathering adequately from the professor

The programmes might have petite variations; however, the majorly practised details are as follows:

  • Programme Duration: The length of the programmes are for two months with regular email communication and weekly video call/chat sessions
  • Location of the programme: The mentorship programmes are conducted remotely in most cases, thus allowing both the professors and students to work from anywhere in the world
  • Session Duration: The sessions are generally of one hour and scheduled at the expediency of both mentor and student
  • Programme Support: A dedicated programme coordinator would be assigned for every programme to act as a liaison and provide 24-hour support

With such diverse international internship programmes, becoming a deserving candidate for the dream institutions will no more remain a far-fetched dream for you! Join hands with us to convert your dreams into long-lasting success stories!


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