IELTS Online Preparation: Tips to Score a Higher Band


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English language proficiency test that one needs to take up for higher education and immigration purposes. This test assesses four competencies namely: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Prior preparation is paramount to succeed in any exam. Likewise it is applicable for IELTS preparation as well. Some people believe that conversing well in English is sufficient to crack the IELTS exam with a high band score. But it does not always go as planned and they receive scores less than expected due to lack of proper training and guidance. With ample time and resources at hand in the present scenario, it would be the perfect time to take up an IELTS online course, learning from the comfort of your homes.

For any training, initially one needs to get familiar with the test format, question types, the criteria for assessment and other basic information regarding the test. Once they are acquainted with the test format they could proceed to assess themselves. This can be done by taking up a diagnostic test and obtaining feedback from a well-trained IELTS trainer. It is imperative that he/she be well aware of their strengths and flaws according to which they could focus on areas that require improvement.

IELTS Online Preparation

Online class is a wonderful platform that one could make use of so that it would aid in understanding the strategies involved in each of the competencies. There are different question types in listening and reading sections. The strategies also vary from one question type to another. At the initial stages before the start of the training, time management will be of concern especially in the reading section. Some of the useful tips taught in class can make a huge difference and thus significantly improve the accuracy level.

Although the tips and strategies are taught in class, without implementing the same in practise tests, score improvement is hardly observed. With more and more mock tests along with valuable feedback on each competency, one can clearly identify where they have been going wrong. In time, they become fully cognizant of the minor gaps of tackling questions. Following the right strategies and approaches to ensure accuracy is the key to success.

The writing and speaking skills specifically require expert feedback in order to guide you through the different criteria for grading these elements. Taking into consideration the four competencies the writing section is considered the hardest to attain a high band score. In the writing section, the feedback would be helpful mainly to identify and work on specific areas such as modifying the essays in the proper format, grammatical range and accuracy, lexical resource, organization and so on.

Similarly, as far as the speaking section is concerned, students once again would require expertise on their speaking skills on the basis of the ideas presented pertaining to the topic, the delivery, vocabulary and grammar. Very soon, one may excel in the skill by following the advice of the examiner.

The training would not only lead you to a great score as per the university requirement and for VISA procedure but also be of great help in building one’s communication and writing skills.

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