How to Start Preparing for the GMAT


Most of the students are clueless about how and from where to start when it comes to preparing for GMAT online or regular classroom. In order to crack GMAT and receive a good score, you need to have a proper prep plan and should start studying at least five months before the test. It is recommended that you keep a considerable gap between your GMAT and your MBA application deadlines and also strategise your study plan accordingly.

How to Start Preparing – 4 Important Steps 


  • Be thorough with the test format and pattern

Before appearing for the test, you should definitely understand its pattern and manoeuvre your study plan in the correct fashion. Gear up your preparation and start early. During this initial period, you should try to be familiar with the test format. This will help you avoid any uninvited shocks on the test day and make you feel comfortable. You will find yourself more relaxed and not wonder about the format and the pattern of questions. 


  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses

Noticing your error pattern is very essential. Once you are thorough with it, you will understand your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, attempting practice tests is very important as they help you to know your weaknesses and improve your score. You should work upon your weaknesses and therefore try to score better in those areas where you are likely to lose marks.


  • Fundamental skills to be improvised

Once you have analysed your weaknesses, the next step is to brush up your fundamental skills. For example, if you have forgotten the basics of Mathematics, then you should go back to chapters like algebraic equations, statistics, or probability (anything that requires more attention) and start your revisions.


  • Practice makes one perfect

If you are weak in the reading and comprehension tasks, you should start reading newspaper articles from reputed ones like the New York Times and the Economist, regularly. This is the time you can actually go back to your high school grammar book and study chapters such as parts of speeches and sentence structures. These will help you do well in sections related to sentence corrections and common grammar errors. These are important criteria for clearing the GMAT with confidence.

Most students feel that they are already through with these since they have been studying the same right from their schooling. On the contrary, the fact that English is not your native language emphasises the aspect that you should study the basic grammar rules again and again. Preparing the flashcard method of study can also help you improve your vocabulary.

Apart from solving mock test papers, you should also delve deeper into every aspect of it. You should also do a lot of general reading. While preparing, if you find anything difficult, you must go back to the chapters and re-attempt the exercises. There are no shortcuts here and therefore you are required to reinforce your basic knowledge in Mathematics and English thoroughly before taking the test.

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Additional points to remember: 

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There are also the industry’s leading GMAT prep programs which are designed by Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Wharton alumni. The programs were so designed that they could analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then re-align the curriculum according to your requirements.


Customize your study plan

You can customize your own study plan and give priority to those sections where you have scored less. Time Management is the most important requirement for your study plan. You should set your own goals and finish the preparation of a particular section within a particular date. Besides, you should also practice your mock test and finish it within a given time. You can keep on practicing and with each day, you should try decreasing the time taken, thereby expediting your speed.


GMAT Test Day

This day is very important as you are required to stay calm and organised. You should reach the center before time and confidently give answers to the questions. The Mathematics sections on Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency should be attended with great care and you should read the questions very carefully. The same method should be followed for all the sections. Guessing can be strategically planned by eliminating the wrong answers; however, wild guesses are not recommended.

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If you organise your study and prepare yourself for that very day, then you can confidently face the questions. You should train your brain to be focussed for those few hours and avoid committing any silly mistake. Having prepared for six months, you will surely come out satisfied with a good score.

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  1. The most crucial step in the GMAT exam preparation is to give mock GMAT tests consistently and analyze them after the test is over. Without proper analysis, giving a mock might as well be a wasted effort. After all, one can only learn from their mistakes.

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