How to prepare for GRE in 30 days?

What is GRE?

GRE is a kind of generalized test that is designed to evaluate all those skills that have been acquired by a candidate over the years.

There are two types of GRE exam: 1. General Test 2. Subject Test

GRE General Test

It consists of three different sections including Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

a) Analytical Writing: This section is meant to evaluate a candidate’s ability to analyze facts and arguments and competency to put forward the personal views in the most structured manner.

b) Verbal Reasoning: This section is meant to evaluate the competency to comprehend the author’s intentions and perspectives related to the content.

c) Quantitative Reasoning: This section is meant to evaluate the competency to solve quantitative data related questions

GRE Subject Test

The GRE Subject Test is meant to evaluate the achievements of a candidate in a specific subject area. They included Psychology, Physics, Literature (English), Maths, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, etc. This exam is conducted on a specific date and is meant for specialized courses.

GRE Pattern

a) Computer-delivered Test: The computer-delivered test may be attempted anytime during the year.

b) Paper-delivered Test: The paper-delivered test may be attempted thrice a year.


GRE Registration In India

The first step to register for GRE is creating an ETS Account. Once a candidate has an ETS account, other services related to the test may be availed by a candidate in addition to viewing the score. Nevertheless, are you all set to attempt GRE then here go through a comprehensive 30-day study plan that will enable you to optimize your strengths regards to preparing for GRE.

Week 1

The best way to begin with the GRE preparation is to gain familiarity regarding this exam. Try devoting time to understand the GRE format, GRE test pattern and other crucial details. Browse through the pages of ETS official guide to get hold of an essence of the basics of the GRE.
During the 1st Week, revising your math basics must be your top agenda.

Either you love or hate math, you cannot skip revising the math fundamentals if you are targeting a decent GRE score. Go through the relevant GRE math questions from essential topics including percentage and ratios, integer properties, arithmetic and fraction lessons, power and roots, algebra, probability, etc. If you are yet to book a slot, do it immediately to begin preparations on a more candid note.

Week 2

During the 2nd Week of your GRE preparation, you need to devote time to the verbal section inclusive of Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Reading Comprehension. Go through a comprehensive RC guide, learn about proven technique related to increasing your reading speed, start practicing the RC questions. By the advent of the 2nd Week, reading must be imbibed into your everyday routine. There is no substitute for reading if you are aiming to score an impressive GRE score.

You need to develop a habit of reading to embrace it into your daily routine further. Read articles belonging to varied niches including literature, history, science, philosophy, etc., from reputed publications, and you will undoubtedly come across plenty of new words. Create your GRE vocabulary flashcards. Moreover, when you read articles, do try to comprehend their argument styles, structures, so you may use them while practicing GRE verbal practice test and also the written ones.

Also, 2nd Week is a high time when you need to create a study routine inclusive of a few hours exclusively devoted to studying and a remaining few for practice preparation of GRE.

Week 3

3rd Week is a high time to revise your self-made flashcards, improve your writing skills and solve mathematical questions. During the 3rd Week of GRE preparation, your time management skills must be at its best.

Attempting mock tests or the GRE prep test regularly must be the most important strategy to pursue during this Week as learning alone will not suffice to be equipped with extraordinary confidence. You need to attempt mock tests as much as you can to review whether your learning is heading in the right direction or no. While trying mock tests, you will also be stumbling upon those topics that you haven’t attempted earlier.

Week 4

Never think of addressing a difficult topic during the last week because your procrastination may prove to be one of the biggest blunders in the context of GRE preparation. It is a complicated topic that requires maximum attention as you need to practice it repeatedly, so you need to pick such issues during the 1st Week itself to keep stress at bay during the final Week.

The 4h Week must be devoted to analyzing your mistakes and review error log. You need to continue attempting the mock tests to prevent repeating mistakes. During this final week, you need to ensure not to stress yourself too much and panic.


To sum up, the key to success of 30 day GRE paper preparation plan lies in sticking to your schedule, getting sufficient sleep and avoiding social media distractions at any cost. Adopting flexibility regarding following a plan as per your strengths and weakness is essential.

If this article has helped you chose your own way of GRE preparation then schedule your GRE exam and figure out the GRE test dates at your local test centers, please share it and help others register for the GRE.

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