GMAT Official Guide 2020 Series

The GMAT Official Guide 2020 series provides an overview of the GMAT exam to acquaint the test takers with its content and format. It contains detailed answer explanations for each type of question; actual essay topics, sample responses, and score information; and comprehensive grammar and math review. The questions are organized in order of difficulty – easiest to hardest – to help study with better focus.

The books are accompanied by exclusive online resources. This provides access to an online question bank plus additional Integrated Reasoning questions for online practice. The software allows students to create their own practice sets and exams based on content type, difficulty level, or both.

GMAT Official Guide 2020 (Book + Online), released on May 7, 2019, is already in the market for sale.

What’s New:

Mobile experience

The Online Question Bank for the OG 2020 series can be accessed through Wiley Efficient Learning mobile app.

The beta version is available now to anyone who has a registered account on Efficient Learning for any of the Official Guides

  • Anything you do online will be reflected in the mobile app
  • It allows users to create customized practice sets using questions in the Official Guide series
  • This can be used in offline mode too

Expanded chapter introductions for Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension:

  • This process will explain in greater detail the types of questions and content that are tested on the GMAT.

More questions:

  • OG 2020 series has 138 more questions than the OG 2019 series, including more questions in areas that didn’t have as many questions as in other areas before, such as Geometry. So, now there are over 1000 questions for practice — 1,038 questions to be precise

According to GMAC, more questions have been added in order to even out the distribution of questions in terms of types and difficulty levels. Now, one-third of questions are of easy level, one-third questions are of medium level, and one-third questions are of a hard level.

In effect

  • Additional questions include ones that have appeared in earlier editions of the Official Guide
  • More geometry questions
  • More data sufficiency questions
  • More critical reasoning questions
  • Plus others (e.g., data sufficiency by resolving to “no”)

Important points to note:

Change to Official Guide ≠ Change to GMAT

The goal of Official Guide series is to familiarize GMAT test-takers with the types of questions that may appear on the GMAT exam

  • The Official Guide is not adaptive and is not intended to reflect the actual GMAT exam.
  • Ratios of items – whether by type, content area, or some other dimension – in the Official Guide do not reflect those ratios on the real exam.

*Source of Information: GMAC Knowledge Refresher Session and GMAC Summit attended live on 7th March 2019 and 8th March 2019, respectively.

By Deepti Singh, Product Development Specialist

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