Checklist for Student Visa for Canada

Congratulations!! So, you have got an admission in the university of your choice in Canada and can’t wait to get your hands on that Student Visa! Browse through the checklist here to get all your things in order. Before you apply for a Canadian Student Visa, make sure you have the following:

Admission Documents

  • The Letter of Acceptance should come from the Canadian university where you wish to study with a valid DLI (Designated Learning Institution) number. It should be necessarily on the official letterhead of a Canadian University and should include the precise amount of tuition fees you are required to pay. Other than that, the letter should also include the expected dates when the program will start and end in addition to the last date of registration.
  • Then you have the MIDI’s (Le ministère de l’Immigration, de la diversité et de l’Inclusion) as in a ‘Letter of Approval’ to your application for a ‘Certificatd’ acceptation du Québec’ (CAQ).
  • If you are going to stay for less than a year in Canada, as if your program is less than a year in duration, you need to submit proof of financial support for the duration of your stay in Canada. In case your course is for a longer duration than a year, you need to submit proof of financial support for the first year of your studies in Canada.

The Citizenship and Immigration Documents (CIC) Documents:

  • Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM 1294): An application completed on a computer should be accompanied by a ‘Barcode Page’. Print and place the ‘Barcode Page’ on top of the application
  • Family Information (IMM 5707): This is applicable to all adult applicants (18 years and older) and minor applicants who are traveling alone to Canada
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (IMM 5409): Please get in touch with the respective visa office for your region.
  • Use of a Representative (IMM 5476): This form is only necessary if you have an authorized representative.
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (IMM 5475): This form is to be touched only if you want to authorize the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to share your information with a third party.
  • Custodianship Declaration – Custodian for Minors Studying in Canada (IMM 5646): This form is to be completed if the applicant is less than 17 years of age.

Other Documents

  • You should have documentation that proves that you have paid the fees – the application processing fee and other such fees such as the biometric fee. However, not all methods of payment are accepted, so you need to check with the concerned visa office or the Visa Application Centre (VAC) for your region. Another point to note is that the Visa offices do not accept payment receipts from Canadian banks.
  • You need to carry a photocopy of your valid passport, only the page which has your information such as your photo, your name, your date and place of birth, the passport number, and the dates of issue and expiry of the passport. If you are applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and have already got an approval on your study permit application, you need to provide your original passport. For assistance and apt guidance, you will have to contact the respective visa office for your region.
  • Make sure you have two photographs that comply with the specifications for a Visa application photograph. Write your name and date of birth on the back of the photograph. In case, you are asked to provide biometric fingerprints and photo, you need not submit paper photos with your application.
  • Marriage Certificate: In case you are married, you need to submit a photocopy of your marriage certificate.

For any additional documents required, please contact the concerned visa office for your region and also refer to the specific instructions for a visa for your region.

Now, not everyone is required to submit all the forms. So please read your ‘Instruction Guide’ carefully before you take the leap. You also need to check if you have to get your documents translated in case they are in a different language other than English or French. Be careful before applying for the Visa and get all the above-mentioned documents ready. Any document missing might result in delayed processing of your Visa application and you know that ‘your deadlines for registration are closing in!!’

All the best and set the ball rolling already!!!

I hope, this blog was useful in enlightening you about the study abroad process and have helped you understand the requirements to plan your study abroad. What are you waiting for? Please connect with our admissions team at the earliest to initiate this process.


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