Can Your Average GMAT Score Help Your MBA Admission?

How do you know that your GMAT score is actually an average score? There might be a possibility that your ‘average score’ is not that average as you think. Usually, scoring a 690 on the GMAT is considered to be a good score to achieve.  Statistically, the real average score for GMAT test takers around the world is 540.

So, ideally, our 690 Indian scorers should be called among the top scorers. But, as a matter of fact, the top schools don’t seem to agree upon this. Still, if you plan to get into schools like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD your GMAT score should be a 700+. Well, for some of the real average GMAT scorers the average score that hovers around is 540. But if you want to be a part of a top B-school then it should be above 700.

Well, it is true that what you scored on your GMAT cannot define your managerial potential.  And also at times, the admission committees consider several other data points such as your work experience, industry type, and accomplishments. It may not be a very good idea to generalise but most of the programs accepting candidates with a low GMAT score may not be that selective as the top programs. So, it may be the case that the filtering mechanism in the application process is not at par with the best MBA programs and thus every applicant has a chance to get admission in the B-school.

You might be wondering that what the reasons are leading to the GMAT scores getting so high. Well, it might be your engineer friend preparing for his GMAT exam deliberately with that serious ‘busy-do-not-disturb ‘expression.

If you have prepared your mind to take the GMAT, then approaching an MBA consultant in India can help you.  The MBA admission consultants are always there to assist you and will help you to prepare with your essays, recommendations, resume, and interviews.

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